Saturday, December 21, 2013

Plan for the overthrow of the "Usurper" B.H. Obama and his Marxist Administration

If you believe that America has lost its "Moral Compass" and is floundering in porn, corruption, and Godlessness then stop wasting your time and efforts in trying to establish a GOP elected political response. The fact of the matter is that the GOP is being led by RINO's and 'Brain Dead' persons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. There is no way an historic coalition of military men can be coordinated to have a successful coup d'├ętat in America without first having similar conditions of chaos that brought Napoleon Bonaparte to the leadership of France long ago. So with this historical fact in mind the plan is very simple:

 Patriots of America! Don't support any GOP candidates. Support verbally and vote for all those that want a minimum wage of $15 per hour or more; Support those that want more special rights for homosexuals; Support those that want more government control over all phases of private life…….. And all the while knowing that an economic crash is eminent, by these actions, purchase gold and silver to offset the demise of the paper money that will follow. In other words support and vote for persons who are the wackiest of Democrats. Get these radical misfits elected, protect your wealth, and let the chaos begin naturally.

Let’s face facts; America is corrupt; The Congress is corrupt; The Supreme Court is corrupt; The present administration led by B.H. Obama is totally corrupt. So stop fighting a losing battle. People will always elect those who they perceive to be giving them 'something for nothing'. This is just human nature. But it is also the pathway to 'Hell' and dependence on government for personal survival. Government produces nothing of tangible value, and has no money to give.........that is excepting the money it extorts from working taxpayers. Thus electing radical Democrats and Marxists to government leadership will rapidly lead this nation into mass inflation and total chaos.

Let the radical Democrats have control. They will not be able to make good on their promises and the masses will turn on them and demand a 'pound of flesh'. The chaos that follows will not be pleasant, but then what communistic government produces satisfied citizens? Fear not for during this chaotic period there will be many good persons of faith who will rise to the occasion, and start a rebirth of America as envisioned by the 'Founding Fathers'. 

Patriots, truly give this plan some thought. The 'killer' of any economy is INFLATION of the currency. America's currency is being inflated as we sit and breathe. This inflation is an unseen taxation by the government upon the producers and workers of America. By the year 2015 even blind men will see the problem, so purchase gold and silver to preserve your financial worth. Let the suckers accumulate all the paper money they desire. Gold and silver trumps paper every time…… and for all of written history. Let the chaos begin. Vote, Hillary 'my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia' Clinton for President!
Lord Howard Hurts

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