Friday, November 1, 2013

B.H. Obama ll....."puppet on a string"

Why is B.H. Obama so exercised by the exit of Edward Snowden to Russia? Friends inside Russia tell me that Mr. Snowden has provided to former KGB officer, and current President of Russia, Putin, 'iron clad' information done by the NSA concerning B.H. Obama ll. These persons further tell me that besides providing inside information about what (and when) B.H. Obama actually knew about: "Fast and Furious", the IRS targeting "Tea Party" organizations, the inadequate security in Benghazi and the false statement provided by both Hillary Clinton and B.H. Obama about this attack, and the current stunner, eavesdropping on world leaders.........there is information that has been suppressed by the FBI, CIA, and Congress about Obama being a current, illegal, drug user; his history of homosexual experiences, past and present; his economic association with persons that have negative U.S. military affiliations; and the fact that he not only has used a false SS identification 'card'......but that his true birth certificate has a handwritten notation attached that states that Frank Marshall Davis is his real father. It is said in Russian government circles that President Obama is now a 'puppet on a string' and will have to dance to any tune Putin plays. And should Obama resist.....Edward Snowden will get the blame while Putin pretends to be embarrassed by the salacious revelations. President Putin is now 'On Top Of The World'. At anytime he desires he can bring the Obama 'house of cards' crashing down. Will Putin cut the strings of his 'puppet' and let him fall? 
Lord Howard Hurts

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