Friday, December 31, 2010

Human Nature

 In my "studies" of human nature, and in my quest to find meaning, and logical reason for human existence, I have found, and I assert that it may be simplistic in theory, that  the IQ of every living human being from zero time until today is very nearly the same.  Very few persons seem to have an "edge" in the "smart" department. Instead, it seems, to me, to be more a matter of focus. Things that are concentrated seem to be stronger, but in reality they are equal to the original. Much like a lever. Levers make it possible to move heavy objects, but in reality you are no stronger with the lever than before the lever. It is just a matter of focus. Now that said, what is the difference in the brain power between democrats and republicans (non scientific measurement used for example, and based on current perception of the two differing factions)? Democrats have a mind set that leads them to feel the need to make everyone equal and happy. Republicans have a mind set that leads them to feel that everyone needs to educate themselves, and be responsible for most things that happen to them in life. This doesn't mean that republicans are smarter than democrats, it merely means that republicans have a more logical understanding of human existence, and that life is not always fair or just. I know. How can I make such a "leap" in determination? Well it is easy. Let history be your guide. How many countries, that have their laws based on democratic socialism, really are a place you would want to live? Democrats like freedom, but are afraid to reach out and grab it because they think that to do so one has to abuse, and take advantage of another human being. Sort of like the, "we like to eat steaks, but we only want to see it wrapped in plastic at the grocery store. We don't want to know how it got there." There is a Creator, and it is not Walt Disney. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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