Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Revolution must start now. November of 2012 will be too late

The "Old  Guard", RINO's, of the Republican party have chosen their candidate, and that candidate is Mitt Romney. So forget about all the bluster and the farce debates, the "fix is in"......But what about Herman "The Maverick" Cain? Herman is starting to cave. He is starting to compromise, and it seems that he doesn't understand that this "Wall Street Protest" is nothing more than media fraud brought to us by Obama and his socialist friends....... And, I predict that by the end of the month, if Herman continues to compromise, his poll numbers will fall, along with his confidence to continue his message of change. Now if Herman is a "good boy", the "Old Guard" may offer him the VP title, but it will be a title in name only as he has proven that he can, at times, be a "Maverick".

I have to hand it to the Democrats, or should I say, Socialists? They know how to employ the "Divide And Conquer" strategy better than anyone, and it is working, like a "charm" on the Tea Party Republicans who had an idea that Herman Cain would be the best choice to represent them as President. Compromise is the "Death" of this nation. When will someone come forward, and stand on the logical "ground" that there is, in this world, both, Right and Wrong? And when will it be understood that Compromise is nothing more than a position that will degrade Right, and enhance Wrong, every time? So how did we get to this low point in our history, and what can be done to get American back on track, and position it as the leader of the Free World? 

There is no doubt that education is the culprit in the demise of this once great nation. Two subjects, that are most important in the development of civil discourse and constructive thinking, and seldom taught correctly, today, are: Language and Arts. These two subjects have been compromised so greatly that our population has been reduced to a step above "Caveman" society. How and Why? 

Look at language and art today. What do you see? Is there a progressive pattern of enhanced language or art? No. There is a distinct regression in both "studies". For the past 70 years, language in the U.S. has been lowered to a standard that can be associated with "Common" persons, rather than educated ones, and art has declined, from detail and reality, into "paint how you feel" (something that even animals can win prizes for). This "dumbing" down of society is the common thread of all Socialists Societies. And when a civilization has a very limited number of words, available to express any thought or mood, it is not classified as an advanced society. And when art is reduced to anything that anyone wants to "splash" on a canvas, and it is interrupted as significant and expressive art, society is near the return to painting crude animals on cave walls. Socialist want every person to be equal regardless of ability or drive. By lowering the standards of language and art, the transfer of ideas, and advanced thinking, is stopped, and the goals of Socialism is accomplished. How do we stop this return to a "Caveman" society?

We should elect leaders who know the difference between Right and Wrong, and who will not Compromise. We need leaders who understand that communication between citizens is paramount to the development of an Enlightened Society, and that the more words one has available to express an idea or thought, the more progressive that society will be. We need art that expresses reality...... not some pent up emotion, in the artists head, that needs to be interpreted by "art experts". Modern art is so convoluted that it can be viewed in many different ways because the artist has given such an incomplete physical expression of what he sees. Modern, abstract art, should not be viewed as art. It should be part of some mental health rehabilitation support. This is why I say, for the tenth time, that we need to elect a President, who doesn't want the job. Someone who is drafted by the electorate, to lead us out of this "wilderness of darkness and despair". Someone who doesn't care about being everything to everyone, all the time. We need a military leader, and this is why I propose, again, that we enlist Paul E. Vallely, MG, U.S. Army, retired, as President. We can not wait. The Revolution must start now. November of 2012 will be too late
Lord Howard Hurts

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