Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Would King David Do?

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Harretz.Com, Wed, November 02, 2011 Cheshvan 5, 5772

Netanyahu trying to persuade cabinet to support attack on Iran,
by  Barak Ravid, Amos Harel, Zvi Zrahiya,and Jonathan Lis

Within months, not years. Israel will find itself in a "vise", and the only option, at that time, will be ineffective defensive actions. Like a prey that lets the wild hyenas have the time to gather in strength; the confidence level of the hyenas will increase to the point where an offensive action, by the prey, will be impossible, and death will come because the enemy has successfully "chained" their individual mental resolve into a single cohesive force. 

The window of opportunity is open, but is slowly closing. And without help from America, the fight is lost. The current problem is that America has a President, Obama, who is not only an enemy to Israel, but is a traitor to the American Constitution. He is in office because he has 3 times shown a false birth certificate as proof of his Hawaiian birth (if he had a real certificate, he would let it be examined by his distracters. And this is something he has steadfast refused to do.). Netanyahu has the "hammer" (holds the proof) in this issue, and needs to strike. For failure to have Obama removed from office will surely end in the death of Israel. The American people are pro Israel, at this time, but after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "wind down", which they are currently doing, the American public will be in a mindset that will view Israel's problem to be Israel's problem, and help Will Not Be Coming. Think: What Would King David Do? 
Lord Howard Hurts  

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