Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lord Hurts A Closet Democrat?

I have recently been sent some very abusive emails by hostile persons who believe that I must be some type of "closet" Democrat. These hostile individuals say that my rants about Socialism being something that has, for the past 70 years, been slowly eroding both our Freedoms and our Constitution, are pure bunk. They say that our problems started with Jimmy Carter, and became more pronounced during the Clinton years, followed by the rapid decline since the election of Obama. To this I say: Wake Up, Morons! Educate yourself, and know that most of the Republican Presidents before Obama, and especially includes G.W. Bush, were looking for personal glory rather than following the Constitution.  Read the following passage from: Perry Mason, The Case Of The Vagabond Virgin, by Erle Stanley Gardner. He wrote this book in 1948. I am sure that he gathered the information and experience that he based this book on prior to that year. Read it and see if it doesn't sound like something someone would rant about today.

     "Young Ferrell has none of the endearing qualities of his father?"

     "As far as I know," Addison said, "Frank Giles Ferrell made only one mistake in his life. That mistake is named Edgar, and that boy is a mistake all the way through. Frank never had much of a formal education. He'd had to work hard. He'd worked up from the bottom. That had been his salvation, that hard work. Edgar was an only child, and Frank decided that Edgar was never going to have to work the way he had.

     "It's the same old story. Edgar had an automobile as soon as he was old enough to drive one. He had a college education, and an indulgent parent impressed upon Edgar that he was never going to have to exert himself unduly."

     "Why did you let him get in the business with you?"

     "When Frank died, the stock was left to the boy. He didn't want to sell it at any price. That's where I made my big mistake. I thought that if he came into the business and had to dig in and work, be in the office regular hours and all that, it wouldn't be long before he was tired of it and then would want money for his stock."

     "It hasn't worked that way?"

     "It definitely hasn't worked that way. In the first place, he doesn't come into the office regularly, and when he does, he simply messes around with the figures, mixes into things that he knows nothing about, and gets the help.....What's the use of discussing it, Mason? It drives me nuts! It's a highly unsatisfactory arrangement."

It seems that as the middle class in America increased, more persons came to believe that there was a shortcut to success that only the privileged could take advantage of; That there are jobs, in America, that the "educated" just don't take, regardless; That when one reaches a certain "station" in life, the government has an obligation to see that, regardless of the economic situation, one need not move downward on the pay ladder. The "old fashioned" idea: "You Can't Lead Until You Have Proved That You Are A Great Follower", became passe. And even when faced with the reality that the number of college graduates vastly exceeded the current market for their advanced skills, the government provided easy money for students to obtain more of these worthless degrees. Not mentioning, as sort of a "Truth In Lending" practice, that obtaining a college degree doesn't in any way imply that there will be a job available for the advanced education skills you have paid for, but that the money loaned for such a degree will have to be paid back regardless, and without the benefit of bankruptcy law. Yawn. Yawn.
Lord Howard Hurts

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