Friday, November 25, 2011

Dare To Be Bold and Dare To Be Great

Republicans take note: "If you continue to do the same stupid thing time and time again, but expect a different outcome, then you must  be suffering from some type of mental illness." America is on life support financially, and it's "Moral Compass" has been replaced by a demonic influenced NPS (national, position, system). The inmates are running the mental hospitals, the convicted are running the prisons, the students are running the schools, the unions are running the corporations, and all the while the Congress and the President are checking the "wind", and moving in the direction dictated by these non producers and non thinkers. The handwriting is on the "Wall", but the producers and the thinkers are afraid, not only to read what is written, but are afraid to implement the "Tough Love" necessary to bring these lazy malcontents under control. 

We do not live in a Democracy. A democracy is a place where there are no actual rules of conduct. All conduct is subject to the whim of the masses. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. Nothing stays the same, and thus nothing can be accomplished because without some measure of "knowing" what to expect in the future leads the population to chaos. A nation that is a democracy can not have, either, a structured future, or a civilization guided by a "Moral Compass". The American education system has over the last 70 years, mainly because the public education system attracts teachers who are at the lowest level of the college graduates, has succeeded in turning the word: democracy, into the "Battle Call" of the "followers" of this nation. How can one succeed when the non thinkers become the "Thinkers" by virtue of granting themselves self serving degrees from colleges and universities? The lowest of the low write the rules for graduation. This nation has been on a "slow slide" into the darkness of democracy for too long. To continue to "play" the game as dictated by the non thinkers is insanity. The only way out is to understand that America is a Republic not a Democracy. And that the inmates can no longer control the mental hospitals, the prisons, the schools, or the corporations. It is time to give this country some "Tough Love". It is time to dismiss all the Congress and the President, and install new, bold, leaders guided by both the Constitution and a "Moral Compass".

Have you watched the Republican debates? Unbelievable. Why do these people subject themselves to the abuse dished out by these liberal monitors? What real leader would abide by rules that oppress and confuse the persona and message he wants to present? Apparently, this crop of sissy boys, are looking to be given a "cookie" from the low life, non producers of this confused nation, so that they can gain the title of President. Of this crop of losers there is only one candidate that even remotely qualifies as a "Leader", and that person is congresswoman Michele Bachmann. It is time that she takes charge and stops playing by the rules of engagement written by these democracy loving liberals. It is time for her to be bold. Maybe she could "break" onto the Jimmy Fallon, "Late Night" show, and play a gag on him. Tell him what a moron, shit, he and his staff are, and slap his ugly face, into tomorrow, before walking out. Dare to be Bold and Dare to be Great. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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