Monday, November 14, 2011

"Unvarnished" Truth

My comment on the status of Herman Cain: Any man who doesn't use his eyes to "undress a beautiful woman" (remember that the word beautiful is personally subjective) is not a man. A "Leader," is by nature a most aggressive person. Aggressive persons "collect" followers, and are driven by a domination over others. This is the "unvarnished" truth. Why all the sudden is America repulsed by this revaluation? Get real America. There is a line that separates "male curiosity" from "sexual abuse", and Herman Cain, even if guilty of what has publicly been accused of him, has not crossed that line. It is time to stop with the childish gawking, and move on. Herman Cain is a contender and let him be judged by his words, not his normal, human, male, actions. If he had crossed the "line" he would have his photo at The Smoking Gun.  America can't afford a leader who doesn't know, or understand,  his own sexuality.
Lord Howard Hurts  

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