Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stop Welfare, NOW!

Not quite sure that this country is heading towards complete socialism within the next few years? Well wake up and read the bad news. In an article in the Washington Examiner.Com, City limiting funding for welfare recipients,By: Liz Farmer, 11.03.11, she says that 40% of the residents of Washington, D.C., "receive either food stamps, Medicaid assistance, welfare checks or some combination of the three, according to Department of Human Services Director David Berns." That a large number of these recipients are on a program called TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and this program gives support for only 5 years, with the expectations that after 5 years, maybe the recipient is not really looking to support himself or herself. But that has not happened. Most recipients are allowed to continue taking working taxpayers money because there are "no jobs for college graduates, no jobs for high school graduates, no jobs for seniors, said Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Sandra Seegars, a Ward 8 council candidate. "

Now let me understand this: No jobs for college graduates, no jobs for high school graduates, no jobs for seniors. But at the same time, Obama, and our worthless Congress, is busy seeing that working taxpayers pay more in taxes to support this 40% in Washington, D.C.; that more tax money is allotted so that youths can go to college "free"; that taxpayers have to dig deeper into their pockets to see that high schools have more and better teachers. Why? The result of all of this is that there are no jobs for college graduates,  and no jobs for high school graduates, so why fund any of this? Why not just take the money for these projects and give it directly to those on welfare? Why not just close all colleges and high schools for 5 years so as to stop the flow of these young persons into a system that doesn't have room for them? Isn't it strange that the uneducated youths are not on the government list of excuses why people receive tax handouts? There must be a lot of jobs that don't  need a high school or college degree out there.  If we lived in a true Free Enterprise Nation, the system would regulate itself, and when the number of "over educated" youths exceeded the job market, the number of persons entering these schools of higher education would slow to a trickle, and people would find jobs in non skilled markets. But with our government promoting higher education at any price, and at the same time instilling in the minds of our citizens that there are jobs that the educated will not take, we have a huge problem with the youths, and this can not lead to anything except a turn toward Socialism (not that Socialism will either work or help, but the youths are so disillusioned that they will grab at anything that they perceive as a help). What is the solution? STOP ALL WELFARE NOW. LET THE MARKETS PICK THE WINNERS AND LOSERS. THIS PRESIDENT IS ONLY LOOKING TO BUY VOTES AND THIS CONGRESS IS DOING THE SAME. BUYING VOTES IS ILLEGAL. START WITH MAKING ENGLISH OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE AND REQUIRE ALL PERSONS TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OR SUFFER THE CONSIQUENCES. LET THE LAWS BE JUST AND ADMINISTER PENALTIES QUICKLY. GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF EDUCATION AS THE STICITICS PROVE THAT GOVERNMENT HAS CREATED THIS "HANDOUT" PROBLEM. AND LASTLY, ELECT A STRONG LEADER. ONE WHO DOESN'T WANT THE JOB. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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