Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Mere Elections Of Less Corrupt Individuals Will Not Suffice.

Before I start my "Super Rant", I want the reader to be aware of thought patterns that are not of the: "We need more government because things are out of control." I am sure that most of you have never heard about a man named, Lysander Spooner. But before you read this latest "Rant", it would do you well to read: Vices Are Not Crimes. A Vindication of Moral Liberty, by Lysander Spooner, 1875. Also read about Lysander Spooner in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, to get a "fast grasp" on just why the Republican party, then, as now, is the party of  hypocrites. It is events like yesterday at Penn State that show that an election in 2012 will not change much of anything regardless of which candidates win, and are placed in charge. 

 If you should hold any idea that the elections of 2012 will be of value to save this Great Republic, should a Republican candidate win, you are in need of serious mental health help. What is UP is now Down, and what is Down is now Up. What a crazy world we live in. A world created, one hundred percent, by a corrupt and most immoral public education system. Yesterday, we had hundreds of students at Penn State taking to the streets, rioting. and destroying private property because they don't think that their football coach, Joe Paterno,  had any further responsibility, either moral, or legal, to see that his assistant, Jerry Sandusky, be investigated for  his alleged 2002 assault on a 10 year old boy in a Penn State athletic shower. This "gang" of morons holds the belief that Joe Paterno, did his moral and legal duty by bringing this sex abuse situation to the attention of the President of that college, even when he knew that no action had ever been taken by the "college"  to report this incident to the police for further investigation. 

Football. What does this sport really have to do with the pursuit of higher learning and understanding? Absolutely nothing. Isn't it most telling that Joe Paterno, the football coach, was the highest paid person in that college? Isn't it most telling that the majority of the players on the Penn State team can't even read above the comprehension level of a normal 12 year old? And just what is the problem with a homosexual assault on a "minor"......isn't homosexual behavior now viewed as Normal? Isn't this behavior more of an educational experience rather than a crime? Maybe this young boy had an inquiring mind, and just sought out the knowledge and experience of an educator like Jerry Sandusky. So why all the outrage? Isn't it possible that this youth had his brain "tweaked" by the public school systems reading lists that included: Daddy Has A Friend Named Bruce, or Boys Have Personal Toys,  or that great read, All Boys Need To Try Everything....At Least Once, by Dick Boehner? 

"Homosexual behavior is not a vice, it is a normal human response that has been repressed too long by Bible Thumpers, and other prejudiced individuals." This thought pattern is the "law of the land", and anyone who dares to think that homosexual relationships are immoral and destructive are placed in a position of "keeping quiet" by force of imprisonment at the hands of our most immoral government. Wake Up America! You are losing control over your own personal beliefs. You are letting "Harvard Types" mold your inherited logical consciousness. If we are to keep this Great Republic, then we will need to have another Revolution For Independence. The mere elections of less corrupt individuals will not suffice. This is why I have advocated a third party, the Democratic Christian Party, to hold it's banners high and to go forward into battle. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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