Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reality For Republicans

Things have been so slow lately. I have not received one death threat in more than 2 months. Readership is about the same, in the 3,000 range, so I must not be doing a good job of educating the uninformed on the subject of Reality. So let the death threats start:

Republicans, especially, don't understand that the most pressing problem today is the population problem. And this is not just the population of the U.S., but the world. They attack anyone who is against Life, and this is a most commendable "ideal", but it is not reality. There are other factors to consider, and quality of Life must be foremost. 

Any believer in a "higher power", and Nature is the "Ace" of power, the "Captain of our ship", Planet Earth, knows that Life is always measured in Time. Time being seconds, minutes, days, years, or century's. Time is the one factor that can't be averted regardless of how smart science, or the "Harvard" types, view themselves. Time isn't impressed by all the self serving degrees bestowed by these institutions on their "scientists", and themselves. When Nature decides, for whatever reason, that it any life form needs to recycle, there is nothing that can trump that "Ace". And it is an undisputed fact (sounds a little like Al Gore, here) that life recycles because: "Nothing Can Be Created Or Destroyed", in this Terrarium called Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, for society today, Republicans, the true believers in some type of religious faith, and the believers in some type of Creator, are the ones that subvert Nature the most. They have created this economic crisis called: "Taxpayer Sponsored Fight Against Nature; Health Care At Any Cost". They don't seem to understand that Death is part of Life. They believe that the Great Creator of Nature doesn't want anyone to die, regardless of how much tax money is taken from the productive population to accomplish this impossible mission. But this misguided theory can be proved wrong each day by just reading the obituary columns in the newspapers of this country. Republicans act as though The Creator visited with them, and told them to fight against death regardless of the reality given all Life on Earth, by The Creator, himself/herself. In other words, Republicans, believe that it is the duty of all citizens of the U.S. to fight Death by all means because The Creator so demands it, and at the same time they also accept that Death is a mechanism created by The Creator to  perpetuate all future Life. Should this, understanding be so, then it also must be concluded that The Creator is suffering from some type of mental illness because He/She is giving opposite and conflicting instructions. Why would anyone follow the directions of someone suffering from a mental illness?

No people, Republicans in particular, Death always follows Life, and Life always follows Death (circle of Life, and proof that reality moves not in a straight line). There are no other options. People should live with dignity, and they should similarly die with dignity. There is no reason to fear Death, or believe that it is something that can be averted. Dignified humans don't sit around in a wheel chair, in a $7,000 per month, old age facility, drooling, without a conscious thought forming in their brain, breathing only because oxygen is provided by a steel bottle, wearing wet, and soiled diapers, and being attended by someone who really is only interested in a weekly pay check. True believers accept reality and attempt to live with dignity at all times while on this Planet called Earth. Dignity is what really separates Humans from Animals, and all other forms of life on Earth. The Creator only extended the gift of dignity to humans, and it is time to stop all the hysterics, and accept this gift with thanks for all the good times, and the good emotions, and stop looking for eternity. Eternity is the exclusive domain of The Creator, and even Republicans are not The Creator. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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