Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Are A Nation Of Blind Sheep

The "heart" of any civilized society is its economy. This is the reason that the well worn maxim, "its the economy stupid", holds such prominence in the coming elections of 2012. But what is a "heart" without blood?  Remove the blood, and even a good heart will stop. The blood of any nation is its military. "He who controls the military, controls the nation." (Lord Howard Hurts). We presently have a nation in some type of self induced Limbo (a region on the edge of heaven and hell). I say self induced because even though the majority of the citizens, of this nation, desire that the Constitution be the "compass" that guides this Republic, we are afraid to exert the controls that our Founders gave us should enemies from within attempt to subvert this most inspired document of human freedom. The enemies, from within, have over the past 70 years or more, slowly eroded, not only the definition of our words, but they have subverted the "intent" of the Constitution. Like someone subjected to Chinese water torture, we have been, slowly, made accustom to believe that the "group" is more important than the individual, that the Constitution is too "rigid" to be understood, and that successful people need to share with those who are less motivated, just because they (less motivated persons) are part of the majority. We are presently, sadly, a Nation of Blind Sheep. Political Correctness, welfare, the socialist driven education system,  liberal mass media, and cowardice, has brought us to this state of affairs. We presently have a President who is not qualified by the Constitution to serve. The evidence is undisputable. "The sheep have eyes, but they don't see". Now, when I say that we have a President, who is not qualified to serve, is leading this country,  and that the evidence is undisputable, I am not going to resort to write 10,000 words to explain my position. I am going to use the method, Alexander The Great used to become leader;  "The Gordian Knot". Our Constitution clearly defines that only a Natural Born Citizen can be President, and it has always been understood that this means that both parents would need to be American Citizens at the time of the birth of any candidate for this office. Barack Obama, in his own book, and in his own posting, of his birth certificate (who cares that he has posted a fake certificate?), has given proof that only one  of his parents was a citizen, of the United States of America, at his birth. End of subject. We have a Pretender sitting in the White House, and he needs to be removed immediately. As the Congress is fully aware of this situation, and refuses to take action, it is up to the military of this country to do their duty to defend our Constitution. There is no other action that can be taken.
Lord Howard Hurts


  1. he's a Manchurian candidate who fit the elite's plans to execute a new world order. Everyone thinks that the NWO is a fantasy, something only conspiracy theorists believe. Not true folks. Not true at all. He was placed in the position to fill an agenda aimed right at changing the government from working for us to owning us. We are losing our rights at an alarming rate and no one seems to be the wiser.

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