Saturday, June 11, 2011

Libertarians Are Educated Sheep

It has been a long week. I have a son, who is 40 years old, plus, and views himself as both the smartest person on earth, and a Libertarian (just might be an oxymoron, from my viewpoint).  He reads my postings, and corrects my spelling (he emailed to informed me that I had misspelled: whiskey. He stated that the word has no e. Now I can't spell, spell, without a spell-check, so I had doubts about his complaint, but then again....he "advertises" himself as the smartest person on earth.  He informed me of some obscure spelling of whiskey, without the e, that came from Scotland, or Albania, during the Great Poppy Wars of 1812, or something to that effect. But in the end, whiskey, in the U.S. has the e, except in Kentucky, where they, maybe, forgot to put the e in the spelling of their state. What a surprise.). So you see that our communications are really "Harvard" quality, but the point I am getting to, is that he "ripped" my posting: Does The Fall Of Rome Provide Insight Into Our Future? ; my idea that marijuana is a problem, and should be dealt with in a more strict fashion. He once again "crowed" his Libertarian "politics",  and informed me that personal behavior is personal, and that this country is based on individual rights, and as long as someone's personal behavior doesn't interfere with his enjoyment of life, there is no need to attempt to make a law against bad behavior.  And in response, I wrote, "words have meaning, but the meaning can change".  Your Libertarian view is based on your personal interpretation of; "doesn't interfere with my personal enjoyment of life".  When there is nothing "written in stone", your enjoyment might be displeasure to someone else.  Chaos comes to mind, and a Chaos guided society is not even in the history books. It doesn't exist for the simple fact that to accomplish any task, one has to have a clear "vision" of their destination; in other words, you can't take 5,000 words, and chose one at a time, in random fashion, and expect to see Shakespeare's, Macbeth, as the result. His views, on economics, are even more distorted.  I have posted that unless we remove Obama from office, prior to the elections of 2012, this Republic will not survive. He emailed that I should be thrown under "The Crazy Train",  rather than just riding on it. He believes that all "Birthers" are morons, and should have "IDIOT" tattooed on their forehead. He told me that Obama has shown his birth certificate twice, and only morons believe that he was not born in Hawaii. As response I wrote: "Obama has not let any law suit against him, to produce his birth certificate,  be judged in open court for one reason, and that reason is that he would have to swear under oath, and penalty of perjury, that this birth certificate he has shown is a true copy of his original birth certificate, and he will not do this BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE HE HAS PRESENTED IS A FAKE.  Obama has posted his birth certificate, now why not let anyone, who desires,  go to Hawaii, and see it, and get a certified copy? It is posted on the Internet, so what harm could come to Obama because of someone having a certified copy of his birth certificate? The harm is that it is FAKE, and Obama would not only be removed from office, he would go to jail. The answer and solution is so simple, even a Libertarian can cipher it out....unless this Libertarian figures that Obama providing a fake birth certificate is not interfering with his personal rights. Who cares that Obama is a Marxist? Who cares that the economy is going to crash? Who cares that Obama has us in 2 more wars? Apparently, Libertarians don't care because they believe in Chaos, and Candy Land. But I do care, and I will continue to post what I believe.
Lord Howard Hurts

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