Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Herman Cain Is Not An Uncle Tom

White America is not ready for Herman Cain. That is a fact that most media types will not put in print. Obama succeeded because he is an "Uncle Tom". He was never perceived by the White majority to be a threat. He was the "token" Black man in politics (white mother, and black father), and he seemed to be just another Jimmy Carter, with a tan, to the White majority. Then along comes Herman Cain, and all hell breaks loose. The media has to move full force to clue in the White majority that Cain is just another "Uncle Tom" (something that he is not). That he is NOT a serious candidate; Just a "crazy" Black guy with no real experience in government, or world affairs ( Obama doesn't seem to know that there are only 50 states.). The "mud" is thrown and accumulates, because the White majority is just not ready for a real candidate who brings both personal life experience, and business experience to a job that is actually more ceremonial than "Royal" (our Congress really rules, and the President just leads.). Oh, and did I forget to mention that Herman Cain is a  Black person, and not one of the pecan tan type that don't seem to disturb the White majority? Now, I am not saying that Herman Cain is the right person to be our next President, but stop with the negatives, and let him speak his mind. And lets get serious about not judging a person by the color of his skin, or soothing ones conscience with "tokens," of another race, by electing them to an office that they don't qualify to hold. We don't need another "Uncle Tom" as President. Obama has been our Trojan Horse, and if you don't remember the ending to that "gift", do your own homework and look it up, and think. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

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