Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Are Computers With Installed Software

We are living in a time when the "Peter Principle," innovated by Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull in their 1969 book, The Peter Principle, is in full "bloom". To give a glimpse of this idea (do your own homework) I think this principle can be summed up as; Employees are promoted to a level that they are incompetent at, and thus further promotions stop, leaving an incompetent person in charge, and stopping further progress in that said department until such time as this employee is removed. Surprised? The part that is most infuriating, to me, is that these incompetents are for the most part most cunning and conniving. They are not morons by any means, but they represent the "lower base" of civilization. They are of the, "me, me, I, I" class, and as they succeed to the top of their department, they are smart enough to know that they are "out classed", so to stay on top, they proceed to hire underlings that are "less smart", and who pose no real competition in succeeding to gain control over that department. And in time, because of retirement, and such, this totally incompetent underling ascends to the top of said department, and continues this "daisy chain" of hiring lesser "brained and involved" employees until the department collapses from lack of innovation and drive. Surprised? Just look around at the leaders of this nation. Exactly where is their power derived? From the people? No. The citizens of the United States of America have been reduced to a flock of "Blind Sheep". The power in this country, today, is 99% derived from self serving institutions like Harvard, and other Ivy League colleges and universities, and they operate much the same as the "Law Education Center", in Xiadingjia, and they have empowered themselves to grant degrees to the unwitting, brainwashed, youth of America, with much the same result as "The Peter Principle," does in business. 

A few days ago, I posted quotes from Plato. Several persons wrote to me to say or ask; These are quotes from Mark Twain, why did you say they were 2,400 years old?; Are these quotes from the same person?; Ayn Rand is the author; Well, these quotes, in fact, are by Plato, and he did live about 2,400 years ago. Sort of makes you think when you hear all the hype about Ayn Rand being such a "visionary", that she could write a book about human history 50 years before it even happened.  Plato makes it known that history does in fact repeat itself, and for logical reason. We live in a finite world. Nothing can be created nor destroyed. We are "computers" with installed software, and we can not "Think Out Of The Box".  We are here and here we will be. Good will always attempt to triumph over evil, and so on and so on. Do read, The Republic, by Plato.
Lord Howard Hurts

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