Monday, January 11, 2016

Rear Admiral Rick Williams Axed

Christian Patriots of America. Here is the latest 'Gossip' about the firing of Rear Admiral Rick Williams. It sounds reasonable, but is based on 'Gossip' I gathered from some Russian operatives here in San Jose, Costa Rica. Please read it and research it, and THINK. Are you ready for a New Revolution? Or are you going to continue to 'sit on your hands' until it is too late? B.H. Obama and Hillary Clinton need to be brought up on charges of Treason before this nation can begin to recover from the Corruption that is destroying our Liberty. We must find our "Moral Compass". Please read this 'Rumor' and Demand Answers:

The other night while having conversation with several Russian operatives at a downtown restaurant they told me that there was news out of the Kremlin that states that the U.S. Navy's top admiral was relieved of his command after he sent out an email revealing that President B.H. Obama ll was purchasing a multi-million dollar oceanfront villa in the United Arab Emirates, Dubi. The rumor is that Rear Admiral Rick Williams, had posted to the U.S. Naval Institute's "Readiness Kill Chain" that intelligence personal had been dispatched to Dubai on what he said was an "Obama house hunting mission". It seems that within hours of his posting this, the navy's Third Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral, Nora Tyson, (Carrier Strike Group 15) acting on order from President Obama, fired Admiral Williams. Her reason for the firing was that President Obama had lost confidence in Admiral Williams ability to command.....and that this stemmed from his misuse of government computer equipment. 

The Russians further stated that Russian journalist had requested more information on the firing of Admiral Williams, and that the Pentagon refused to provide further answers........but then suddenly there was sent information to American journalist that the firing of Admiral Williams was due to his viewing pornography on his government computer. Please Note: U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) blocks porn sites, and also requires each user to log in with their own password and username. Records of this is kept and reviewed daily (not like the emails Hillary Clinton was able to send and receive.). Also this is not a plausible cover story unless Admiral Williams is a certified Moron.

Another operative, whom I am not familiar with, and of what nationality I am not sure, said that he had information that the house President Obama was looking to buy was a $4.9 million dollar seaside villa on which there was already a deposit made by the Podesta Group. (The Podesta Group is headed by Tony Podesta, a Washington D.C. company, and he is a personal friend of B.H. Obama ll.). This operative further stated that this villa was being purchased by Saudi Arabia as the law firm that represented this purchase was none other than the DLA Piper law firm of Washington, D.C........long identified as being the law firm that represents Saudi Arabia. So again we have a top U.S. military commander 'axed' on trumped up charges because he was informing others about Obama. Don't take my word for this. Do your own inquiry. 
Lord Howard Hurts


  1. Why use the US government to search for a home when he could just contact the UAE or a business person in the UAE to look or buy it for himself. Second, Saudia Arabia hates Obama. Recall how the ties between Bush and Saudi were good but when Obama came in, they soured? Recall the rumors about Obama being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood? The Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood are not friends. But the people making up these stories either don't know that or if they do know, are convinced most Americans don't know it.

  2. Neither story is very plausible but the porn business is far less plausible than Obama taking a bribe of some sort...

  3. So wait, let n get this straight. The author claims that Obama and Clinton should be brought up I charges of treason yet he himself says that he had met with several russian operatives... THAT is treason

    1. think about your statement. People can and need to talk

  4. The ADM. viewing porn sites is pure bogus-define pornography, anyway. Unless it's children or pure kinky, the definition has escaped even the Supreme Court. What happened is another Naval Officer who expressed his disapproval for his CinC is now unemployed, is that shocking? The man who hid his lack of qualifications(FOA has confirmed he was a foreign student at Columbia) and never served a day in his country's military has fired, demoted, or otherwise removed dozens of commanders with a spine-and placed obvious career climbers in their place. Nobody in this country knows or cares about history, so he can do it with impunity.