Saturday, January 9, 2016

The FBI And Their Friend, Hillary Clinton

Patriots of America. Please read the following quote carefully, and then reflect on the current situation with the FBI and Hillary Clinton: 

"The anti-government activists who took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon are going to face federal charges when the siege is over, the local sheriff told NBC News on Wednesday.

"The (FBI) has assured me that those at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will at some point face charges, Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward told NBC News."

Isn't it amazing that the FBI can be so efficient, and bold, when dealing with anti-government activists who are doing no harm to the nations security, but can not bring charges against Hillary Clinton for her email server violations........and they did not even take charge of her personal computer 2 years after her violation of law was discovered, and have still not take that basic step to find the truth.......or even suspend her Security Clearance? How is it possible that Hillary can even run for President given the fact that she might have her Security Clearance revoked at anytime? Patriots, something is wrong and there is only one answer...........CORRUPTION. The Obama Administration is CORRUPT, and needs to be removed before the elections of 2016 so as to give faith to the rule of law...........or a New Revolution must start, and you can follow the example of the anti-government activists in Oregon. Like them or not......they understand that our Federal Government is CORRUPT, and that there will be no Freedom and Liberty until this Obama Administration is history, and Hillary Clinton is put in jail.........not the White House. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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