Friday, January 8, 2016

Leonidas At Thermopylae

Christian Patriots of America. I hate to seem smug at the events that are turning this 2016 Presidential race into a 'clown fest', but I warned you several times previously that this was going to happen. And I hope that you will excuse me from laughing about it as I sit here in my luxury digs here in San Jose, Costa Rica. But I see no reason to get involved in this election until there is someone worthy to support, and fight for. The Old Guard Republicans, RINO's, had the system rigged (as usual), and their man for President in 2016 was, and still is to a point, Jeb Bush........the 'fix' was in until "Napoleon" Trump entered the race.  "Napoleon" entered the race and began to speak the Truth about the actual condition of the Republic at this time. The more truth he spoke.........the more his support soared. Jeb Bush suddenly became a 'total failure', but he had amassed a huge fortune in campaign money from the 'Believers in a Corrupt Republic', and they were not about to let that tainted money go. But with "Napoleon" Trump still 'rising' in the hearts and minds of the American voting public, they found suddenly that they now needed a new 'Lamb' to promote as the savior of the Republican party. This new 'Lamb' is Marco Rubio (always be wary of a man who needs to wear high heeled boots). Marco has an ego equal to that of Donald Trump, but Marco is only about half as smart, but this is a plus for RINO's. Be also aware that these RINO's really don't care if the new President is Hillary "I turned $1,000 into $100,000 in cattle futures overnight" Clinton, or Marco Rubio. They are only concerned in the game being rigged, and having a 'Sheep' in the Presidential chair so that they can make fast profits on shady deals.........."Let the nation go to Hell, but fill our bank accounts"  is their motto. It is time for the Christian Patriots of America to Stand Up, and Start a New Revolution. We must stand behind Donald Trump 100%. At this point in the collapse of this once great nation there is no other person on the horizon to push back against these corrupt gangsters. Our theme should be "Leonidas and the battle of Thermopylae". He lost the battle and died at Thermopylae, but his heroic sacrifice is still on the mind, and lips, of men today. He and his three hundred Spartans stayed and fought to the death. And this should be the example for Christian Patriots today. We must make a Stand and Fight to our Death. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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