Thursday, July 30, 2015

Christian Americans Are Cowards

Christian Americans. When are you going to 'Wise Up' and stop believing that electing Republicans in 2016 will turn the decline and corruption of this nation around? Jeb Bush and Donald Trump? Are you kidding? Do a study of how these two persons gained their wealth, and then tell me that they are the best examples of Free Enterprise found in America today. 

Where is the logic for revoking the Second Amendment because a few thousand persons are shot or killed, each year, by persons using guns? Would the removal of all firearms in America really stop all these injuries and deaths? How about the 40,000 persons a year that are killed by automobiles?  Why not outlaw automobiles? Would this not be effective in eliminating all deaths and injuries from automobiles? Just think of the hundreds of thousands of injuries a year that would be prevented. Why don't the Liberals start with eliminating autos? 

Liberals are not capable of thinking in a logical manner. They are 'control freaks' who believe that there is no God except themselves. They truly believe that they are God. Liberals always exempt themselves from complying with their own wacky rules and regulations (Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are sterling examples). They further believe that Disney World is more than just a vacation getaway. They believe that it is real life. And then we have Christian Americans. They moan and cry, and send money to Republicans, who are actually Democrats in action, with the vision of restoring the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". But they continue to moan and cry, and never take the actions necessary to end the corruption. Talk about Liberals believing that Disney World is real life. Christian Americans are cowards.

In real life one gets what one deserves. And Christians sitting around waiting for Jesus to come to remove our corrupt Muslim President, B.H. Obama ll, our corrupt Congress, and our corrupt Supreme Court is just fantasy. God helps those who help themselves. What happened to the Jews during WW ll should be example to those who understand that history repeats itself, and to those who understand the fact that nothing can be created or destroyed on this planet Earth.

"The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival."

Lord Howard Hurts

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