Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Airbus 321 Crash in Sinai

Patriots of America. The Obama Administration is lying to you once again. And I am specifically talking about the Russian airliner which crashed in Sinai this past Saturday. The Russians and the Obama Administration are 'sparing' for time, and a plausible 'fairy tale' to explain this so called "Crash". Now I am ready for the negative comments from the deniers, and Obama, and Clinton 'Lovers', that I must be living on "Johnny Walker vapors", but here is the true story about this "Crash". I received my information from quite competent, and independent, sources. So this said, here is the true story: Communications have been breached between Moscow and Washington, and the "Fix" is on. President Putin doesn't care to have the true facts known as this Airbus 321 was indeed 'shot' out of the air by ISIS in retaliation to bombing attacks perpetrated by Russia. President Putin is not sure of his 'ground' as yet, and would rather the "Crash" just be some type of 'lightning strike' or some other non military attack. He is not ready to engage in a full out fight with ISIS at this time, and he is worried about his place in the government should things heat up. The Obama Administration is gearing up for a cover story for this Airbus 321 crash as it was done, and has already been confirmed by two U.S. security
agency's, by ISIS using a ground to air missile provided by Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. Now when I say, "a ground to air missile provided by former Secretary of State, Clinton, I actually mean provided by the foreign policy as guided by Hillary Clinton. Even thought there is much animosity between B.H. Obama ll and Hillary Clinton, it is paramount to the "Wall Street Funders" that Ms. Clinton win the Presidential election of 2016. And to accomplish that goal, Obama and Clinton will work together to keep the truth from the American public. Maybe a few letters to Republican Congressmen will work to gain the truth about this "Crash". But then again, if the "House Hearing" of the past week or so is to be used as a guide. Ms. Clinton will be allowed to continue lying to both the Congress and the American people without punishment. Wait.......maybe if President Putin thinks 'hard' about this situation, he can tell the truth, and let Hillary take the 'heat'. 
Lord Howard Hurts   freedomfiles.blogspot.com

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