Thursday, November 19, 2015

Putin For President In 2016

Christian Patriots of America. As I sit here in my luxury digs in San Jose, Costa Rica, I continue to wonder why Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton is still in the race for President in 2016. I continue to wonder when will you see the 'light'. So to help you understand that it will ultimately be a race between Hillary and Jeb Bush for President in 2016.........I give you the 'ammunition' to help you to 'screw up' your courage to demand that the U.S. military do their sworn duty  to defend the Constitution from all enemy's.....domestic, and foreign. Please read my story and check the details for yourself. Do your own homework, and act.

The recent downing of the Airbus A321 over the Sinai was caused by a missile (not shoulder held as these only have a max vertical range of 14,000 feet). Recently the Russian State news agency RIA Novosti said that it was downed by a bomb in a Swepts soda bottle. Prior to this RI Novosti claimed that this plane just disappeared from the radar. Well, first look at the wreckage. Pieces of the plane show signs of damage from something outside 'pushing inward' rather than from something 'inside' pushing outward. This is a sign that the plane was hit by a missile rather than being downed from a bomb held inside the cabin. It many times has been noted that there was no warning from the cockpit of any problem on-board. A bomb in a soda bottle would not be of sufficient power to 'knock' the aircraft from the sky without the crew making some type of emergency calls. Only an anti-aircraft missile of the size that regularly can hit its target at up to 60,000 feet in vertical elevation would be able to do the job. Remember also that ISIS, from the beginning, said that they downed the plane using an anti-aircraft missile. Why the different story from ISIS today? Well maybe the story about a bomb being planted by ISIS is just a made up story by the Russian State news agency. Why? Because Russian President Putin doesn't want an investigation into ISIS, and anti -aircraft missiles. This line of investigation would lead directly to the 'door' of Hillary Clinton, and her time as Secretary of State. President Putin wants Hillary Clinton as America's next President. Now Christian Patriots, I am going to give you information that you can research and find out if I am telling the truth...........or to use as proof that I am living on the vapors of Johnny Walker Blue.....and to just 'tune me out'.

In July of 2014, I was visiting with a friend in Nicaragua. Well to my surprise I awoke one day to a huge commotion, and people coming and going. My host came to me in a most 'giddy mood' and told me that Russian President Putin would be staying with us for a few days (actually it was about a day and one half). During this time President Putin and I met......not in the green room of some TV news outlet, but as guests in a private home. During our brief encounter, President Putin, and I, bonded in a most human way. I found him to be a very intense man with a 'poker face' that would have made a Vegas gambler envious. We never engaged in discussing politics. Our meeting was more along personal human lines. And during our 'talks' he would always be popping some type of candy in his mouth. I was sure he was eating M&M peanuts, but was not positive because the package, that contained the candies, was not labeled M&M. Well, I finally asked him just what he was eating, and he told me that he considered M&M peanuts health food (with a laugh, while he ate a few as we talked). He said that he was completely addicted to this candy treat.....that when he was stressed, and thinking, he would eat hundreds of these little candies in a day. So using this information, I would advise the CIA to find a way to stop the importation of M&M peanuts into Russia. Samson's power was in his uncut hair, and maybe Putin's power is in the M&M peanuts he eats. Actually, I found, during our short encounter, President Putin to be a better choice for American President than either Hillary or Jeb. Maybe, I will give him a 'write in' vote in November.
Lord Howard Hurts

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