Saturday, November 7, 2015

Russian Airbus 321 Crash Part 2

A few days ago I posted an article that I had referenced to being made possible through informants here in San Jose, Costa Rica, where I presently reside while awaiting the complete corruption of America by Democrats and RINOS. And at the risk of being 'sloughed off' by those who feel that my rants are more inspired by "Jack Daniels Wisdom" rather than any coherent information gleaned from shadowy informants, I submit my original post: (, and my now revised post. I feel that the importance of this issue with the downed Russian commercial airliner is just another of the credibility issues with the Obama Administration, and the never-ending credibility issues of the leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. So please take the time to grasp the main thrust of my story................Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" the main reason for the Obama Administration to venture into speculation of just exactly how this Russian Airbus crashed after leaving Egypt. For you see there is no reason, this being a commercial, Russian carrier, for the Obama Administration to waste time, or effort, in order to inform the American public just how this plane came to rest on the desert floor. The crash of this plane has nothing to do with the safety and security of commercial American airlines. This said, here are my points of fact to prove that this downed Russian plane might be part of the Hillary, "Big Adventure in the State Department in Benghazi, Libya". 

1. After the Russian plane 'crashed' in the Sinai desert area the Obama Administration tried to 'solve' the problem by saying that the crash was due to 'pilot error or poor aircraft maintenance'.

2. After the photos of the crash area showed that there were many, many, miles of parts and debris. The Obama Administration turned to 'poor airport security' as the reason for a bomb to have been planted by some ISIS member. 

3. After some persons said that the plane may have been 'hit' by a military missile......the Obama Administration, and even Ms. Clinton, herself, said that this was impossible. They said that the plane was flying at 30,000 feet, and that surface to air missiles have a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet. They said that an attack by a missile was IMPOSSIBLE, as this Russian plane was flying at 30,000 feet. Well what Ms. Clinton said was quite true. 14,000 feet in vertical elevation is the maximum range for a shoulder held missile (MANPADS). But the truth of the issue is that there have been several recent drownings of commercial aircraft by missiles of a class that are vehicle mounted, and have a vertical range of 60,000 feet. So why would the Obama Administration, and Ms. Clinton, not mention that there are other delivery systems that have been used to down commercial aircraft? Could it be that Ms. Clinton, as Secretary of State, had given many of these more potent missiles to "Rebels", and that she had no idea of their actual allegiance? Was she just trying to avoid being questioned further about her time in Benghazi? Is she afraid that Russians may 'point a finger' at her, and question her incompetence (clearly the American press will not do this)?

4. Why would all major airlines state that they avoid this Sinai area entirely? Why would they be afraid to have their aircraft venture, at 30,000 feet, over this area if the only threat is MANPADS with a maximum vertical range of 14,000 feet?

5. Russian President Putin is in a precarious situation. He knows that the Russian plane was downed by ISIS......either by a bomb placed on the plane, or by missile from below. Neither situation is too good for his well being in a country that demands positive results, or "bad things can happen to people" regardless of what the Russian Constitution says.......hey, this is so similar to our American situation under Obama. Isn't that strange? But back to my story: So it would seem to me that his, Putin's, only real option is to tell the TRUTH (what an innovative concept). He could tell the world that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State of America, was incompetent in her duty to protect the interests of the United States of America, and the world at large. And that because of her inept decisions (maybe she was distracted by her emails about her daughter's wedding) the world became a more dangerous place. But then if he should do this "TRUTH TELLING" he just might lose his greatest ally for Russian expansion ever.............Hillary "I was named after that famous mountain climber" Clinton.

So American Patriots. The end is coming, and always remember what happened to the Jews in Germany after the 'wire fences' were put up. Financial Tip: A Clinton Administration will make multi millionaires of those who sell barbed wire. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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