Saturday, December 12, 2015

Population Is The Problem

America is spending  more and more of the workers "forced" contribution of taxes on education and health care, in an attempt to prove that man is the Ruler of Earth, and that there exists no Creator. As the deficits mount up......the quality of life for the taxpayer goes down. There is no disputing this fact, but the government "brain washing" continues, and the Ego Maniacs such as Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and most every person seeking public office, refuse to acknowledge that there is a "Creator", and there is a plan enforced by Nature that keeps the necessary balance for life to continue. And please don't waste your time writing me that these "great" Americans are Christians, and speak about their faith, and support our Constitution. These morons are Ego Maniacs, and their actions don't match their words............ Action is the true measure of words. Their actions prove conclusively that they have no understanding of life. I am going to give you the "address" to an article that should be read by every person on Earth. If the truths of this article were followed, in a matter of days, America would be on the way to recovery. But our government education system has so repressed the ability of our population to think logically, and rationally, and has so repressed the logical idea that "Life is just to complex to have been an accident", that most all Americans fear the only thing that is inevitable..........Death. Death is the only reality that exists on Earth for all living things. Don't quickly dismiss this fact. Think about it logically before reading further.

 Insanity has been defined as: "Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result." Isn't this the theme of American government today? I now will give you the "address" to this article, and if the reality of it is followed starting tomorrow, by the end of the month the deficit of this nation would be nearly solved, and our real problem, and the problem for most every country on earth would be revealed: Population. Read this article carefully and THINK:
Lord Howard Hurts

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