Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time To Start A New American Revolution

Patriots, I love Costa Rica, but I would rather be back at my home in Beverly Hills, FL. So to accomplish this I ask all American Patriots to go out and make and hold up posters: "Allen West for President in 2016". I ask America Patriots to go to the grocery stores (everyone rich and poor needs to eat) and hold up their posters; take names and addresses of potential voters; and send these names and addresses to me so that I can encourage and persuade Allen West to enter this most serious Presidential race. The continuation of Freedom and Liberty of our great Republic is at great peril. If every person who reads this will send this posting to just 10 email friends.......asking that they do likewise.......Allen West will, within two weeks, be a Republican candidate in the next debate. This is a mathmatical certinty. Trust me on this: Should Allen West enter the race for President in 2016, and garner a spot in the next debate he will 'blow' Donald Trump's hair back. Donald the "Charlatan" will be reduced to just a footnote in campaign history. America needs Allen West, and it is up to the Patriots of America to Stand Up and Make Their Own Choice for President in 2016. It is time to get the "Balls" to start a New American Revolution, and it is time to take the Republican Party back, and to send the RINO's forever to the "Elephant Graveyard". 
Lord Howard Hurts

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