Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Ballot Stuffing' by Computer

Prior to computers, I would use one or two spiral notebooks of lined paper a year. But now, we live in a digital world, like it or not. I remember when, in the early 90's, it was said that the computer would make our life much easier, and stop the wasteful use of paper for record keeping. Here we are in 2015, and it is common for me to purchase several reams of paper a month for use in my printers (Yes, printers. Most persons have more than one printer in their home.). And it is a fact that computers have made life more 'simple', but at the same time things are more error made by a computer magnifies the mistake many times over. Take the Volkswagen catastrophy as an example. All cars today are controlled by computers. It is easy for a computer expert to tweak a computer program to change legal and accurate values into illegal, and inaccurate values. There is no paper trail and the only way to catch the error is by a convoluted process after the fact, and after the realization that some 'mistake' has been made. But this, usually, is well after thousands, and maybe millions, of misinformation bytes have been bred, and used by unknowing consumers. In the Volkswagen crisis it was found that the illegal computer program had been in use for some 10 years, and effected some 11 million vehicles. Volkswagen stock went from $262.84 in April 2015 to $183.57 in late August of 2015. The deceit by the management of VW could impact the stockholders of that company for many years to come, and could even lead to its demise. So knowing all this..........why the hell are we letting voters in the U.S. cast their Presidential ballots by computer? What is wrong with the old paper trail method of voting? Oh yea........the corrupt politicians just can not find enough people in America who want to do the job of 'ballot stuffing'. And the new illegals, who could do the job, just might have a personal list of candidates they want elected, so the computer is the best way to keep our nation lead by corrupt American politicians. Donald Trump is history. It will be Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016......or so my computer says.  
Lord Howard Hurts

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