Saturday, October 24, 2015

Republicans Are Predictable Cowards

Hillary Clinton triumphed at the Benghazi Hearing because Republicans are predictable cowards. It is time for for the Patriotic Citizens of this nation to stop electing Cowards and Hacks. In planning for the Benghazi Hearing it should have been paramount in the discussions that Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton is, and always has been, a liar. Remember her Cattle Futures explanation of how she profited by $100,000 on an investment that is as predictable as winning the lottery based on the age of your five nearest relatives? Remember her telling the lie about Chelsea jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11? Remember her tale about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, a man who only became famous several years after her birth? Remember when she thought that Bill Clinton was innocent of the "Monica" tryst? Hillary likes to portray herself as a "Genius" lawyer. She even has an award that proclaims that point of view. So it would have been productive for the Republicans preparing for her Benghazi appearance to have dispensed with the boring "Tap-dancing", and hit her with a legal reality based on the theory that once caught in a lie........nothing said previously, or after, needs to be examined for truth. Once a proven liar....everything that comes from the mouth can be logically considered an untruth. 

The Republicans on the Benghazi Hearing, knowing that the Democrats would attempt to impede the proceeding, and elevate their "Savior" through false praise, should have pummeled Hillary on her emails to her daughter, and the Egyptian official........that the Benghazi attacks were terrorist inspired rather than some spontaneous outpouring in retaliation of a video. "Miss Smart Lawyer" had once again trapped herself in writing, and the Republicans should have "hammered" her hard, and long, and then thrown up their hands, and cited the extensive litany of known
lies from "Lady Macbeth"............and then with head bent they should have dismissed the entire proceedings. "Ask no questions and you'll hear no lies."  James Joyce, Ulysses
Lord Howard Hurts

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