Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Phoenix Represents Death, Rebirth, Immortality, And Renewal

Treason by any other name is still Treason. Another election will not right all that has passed as Education in this "Nation Of Blind Sheep". Social entitlements are nothing but Bribes, cloaked in the diaphanous, liberal, interpretations of the Constitution. There is only one way to stop the corruption that prevails all order of American government, and that way is Revolution. 

Do you know about the history of the Phoenix? Is it all fantasy? The Phoenix story is found in most all ancient civilizations, the world over. The short story is that every 500 or so years the Phoenix bird builds a nest, and through self combustion dies. And then, from the ashes, is born a new Phoenix. The Phoenix represents death, rebirth, immortality, and renewal. Is America experiencing  this phenomena? Let me see, 1492 (discovery of America) plus 500 years (life of the Phoenix) equals 1992. You decide if this is a call to Revolution. And should this "history" of the Phoenix help persuade you, stop waiting for the elections of 2012 to give rebirth to this "dead" Nation.

Lord Howard Hurts  

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