Monday, December 26, 2011

Are we a nation of Men or Mice?

This is an answer to a posting response by Tina to article: 
Holder and his DoJ – Equal Justice or votes?
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Tina, the answer is leadership. Leaders lead, they don't follow, and they don't check polls for what the public thinks day in and day out. Leaders have a goal; project their goal; and proceed forward to accomplish their goal. Obama is a socialist and Congress is composed of persons who stay in power because they don't make a move until they have some poll to guide them. This is why they all need to be removed immediately....not in some election in the future. 

The average U.S. taxpayer can't attend protests because they have to work to pay their bills, and pay the taxes that entitle the "Occupy Wall Street" Loafers to slow American commerce.  I propose that sometime in March of 2012, there be a protest rally in Washington, D.C., that makes it possible for the workers of this nation, who pay for all the welfare and government waste, to get an opportunity to express their total dissatisfaction with both socialist Obama and the Congress. I further propose that this rally be called: "Remove Obama and Congress Now!"  It would also be understood that should the "Revolution" be successful, every person who has proof of attendance would be entitled to a recovery fee of $2,000. This is the only way that working taxpayers can be on an even "keel" with the Moochers and Slugs. Remember two things: 1. A protest rally will make it impossible for the Democrats to "Stuff the Ballot Box", so that the entire nation can view the results of the Revolution, fairly. 2. Obama only needed to see 10,000 protesters in Egypt to demand that it's leader step down. Lets make it happen here, and see if Obama steps down. 

It is time to stop playing by the rules of law as dictated by the Democrats. It is time to return to the true intent of the Constitution, and restore equal rights to the taxpayers of this nation, and let the Slugs slither their way along. Are we a nation of Men or Mice? It is time to throw some cheese on the ground and find out.
Lord Howard Hurts

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