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Nigel Smith, London Sporting Times, Interview With Lord Howard Hurts

This is a posting of an article published, December 12, 2011, The London Sporting Times, by Nigel Smith

I had crossed "The Big Pond", and was doing an article on horse drawn carriage vehicles in Ocala, Florida, "Florida Carriage Museum", when I stopped at a quaint American eatery called "Mimis Cafe" on highway 200, at 4414 SW College Road, for some breakfast. And whom should I view? Lord Howard Hurts. I have written several articles about him for the Sporting Times, but it was a surprise to see him this early morning in his American setting. 

As I approached his table he noticed me, and put his hand out in invitation to share breakfast space. We made the usual jokes about following each other around, but he seemed truly joyed at the prospect of having some idle talk with a fellow Britisher. He informed me quite readily that the breakfast here was top quality, but that the lunch was not to his liking as the place attracted a lot of parents with young children. Because he was nearly finished with his eggs and bacon, I asked him if he would allow me to do an impromptu interview for a "maybe to be published" article in the London Sporting Times. He agreed and here is that interview:

Nigel: I was in London a few months back, and ran into Richard Tinsdale, you know him, a manager at HWM, Walton On Thames, Surrey. And he related to me that you had been, recently, in city, and were looking to not only send over to the states a right hand drive Aston, V12 Vantage, but that you had turned your manor home, and all farm properties over to your eldest son, Rob.... That you were 100% American, for sure.

Lord Hurts: Yes. Yes. That is certain. I had briefly talked with Richard, and did in fact make arraignments for a silver, right hand drive, Vantage V12 to be shipped to Florida. And as for the other, I am certain that it was not a surprise to anyone that I have finally decided to remove all my connections to Jolly Old England. My son, Rob, being the typical, New Age Socialist, well deserves the estate, and maybe in time he will understand that Freedom comes at a price.....a personal price in fact. And for England to follow its current course to Marxism-Socialism is pure destruction of an entire civilization that at one time ruled the world. There is a distinct and measurable difference between Royals and Marxism, be it so little in actual practice though...... But that is the way of the world today. Speed, speed, speed. Things have to move fast or everyone is bored. In the "big picture", I believe, in the future, that we will return to our past agrarian ways as nothing really changes. And nothing can be either created or destroyed on Earth.

Nigel: And this is where I wanted to start. I have done a Google search and found that you have a web posting called I noted that there are over 170 postings, and most are themed, "American Patriotic". You really have taken to your American home.  Would you elaborate?

Lord Hurts: Well. I have been an American citizen since the late 1960's, and unlike Lafayette  (Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette. Hero of The American Revolution)  , I came to America to live as an American. I see the immediate problems of the government, and unlike many of those born in America, I understand that Freedom is not something given, but it is something that is earned, and has to be defended at all times. I am an American Patriot, even though born in England.

Nigel: So you notice, and write about problems with American government that the "locals" can't view or understand?

Lord Hurts: Yes, this is true. Unlike the typical U.S. high school student.....and university students, also,.....I see that the slow creeping socialism from the early 60's has turned into a full blown problem that is going to turn American into a nation of slaves. The Americans have been in the "dole line" for so long that they don't even recognize it as either a dole or a line. And the depressing part is that the ones who see the coming crisis continue to do the same old, same old...... they vote for the best of the worst, and hope for a miracle. Pure rubbish.

Nigel: I have read in your posting that you believe that the coming elections of 2012, will produce no leader of substance. That this President Obama will win the elections.

Lord Hurts: This is true. Obama is the most overrated President in American history. His accomplishments before his election are not even demonstrable. He has no verifiable history. But the Republicans continue to follow and present recycled Democrats as candidates. The number of those on the dole continue to rise. Government workers retire on hugely inflated pensions, and the unions, who only make up 17% of the work force, destroy small business with their demands for higher pay. It is very difficult to find anyone in leadership who is guided by anything even resembling a "Moral Compass".

Nigel: What do you mean by "recycled Democrats"?

Lord Hurts: I mean that the leadership of the Republican party is as socialist inclined as the Democrats. You see, the flaw of the American system is "One Man. One Vote".  If you remember, this was the call of the Mau Mau of Kenya in the 1950's. We in Britain have practical experience with this type of populous democracy,  and anyone can see where it leads by just investigating Kenya today. For all it natural resources Kenya is a cesspool of corruption and human suffering. Things have not changed, one pence worth, since they "liberated" themselves from the Commonwealth. If Americans could or would read, they would read and study: Uhuru, by Robert Ruark, and maybe they would develop an understanding of the damage the socialist theory of "One Man. One Vote" presents to civilized society. 

Nigel: Lord Hurts.....isn't this kind of talk...... racist?

Lord Hurts: The truth is the truth. It is time rational persons stop pretending that Disney World is a real destination of the future for mankind. Mankind is a balance act between Good and Evil. And survival of the species is primary to all evolution of civilization. Unless good people take charge, and understand that it is ludicrous for the masses of a society, to expect the producers of that same society, to work and invest so that the "Slugs" can lounge without expending blood, sweat, and tears......... civilization as we know it today, is over. America needs a Revolution Now! Or the great experiment in Human Freedom will be a mere footnote in the book of history.

Nigel: But Lord not your thoughts and writings both Imperial and racist? Would you have the poor of America inhabit packing boxes?

Lord Hurts: I am neither Imperial or racist. I understand reality. In America the poor have controlled the government for some 70 years, and the result of this is what we see, Socialism. Socialism is something that has not worked in England, and has not worked in any known nation on earth at anytime in history. To continue this failed experiment is pure Folly....and write it with a capital F. Go back and reread my postings. I don't get the impression that you understand the consequences, worldwide, should American crash and burn. I have to be moving on. I am working on a discovery I made about vitamins, and about how worthless they really are, and what a waste of money they present to Americans who believe that through vitamins good health comes.

Nigel: Well Lord Hurts, I do thank you for your time, and I will ask only one more question. I have heard talk about you getting into the vitamin business. So just what is your idea about vitamins? Are they a positive or are no aid to good health?

Lord Hurts: I will be writing about this subject shortly. I have logical proof that supplemental vitamins....I want to distinguish this fact......are of no value to the human body. That truly the only way to gain needed vitamins is through the eating of food. And this said, I will give evidence of something that is of most significant to good health. It is a tree from India; has been used for thousands of years; and its curative properties have been recently be verified....through modern testing; and it is still an unknown to "the world" of medicine. And just to pike your curious zone of enquiry, it is not the Neem tree of India. This lesser known tree is more significant, and could put many of the current drug companies out of business.

Nigel: Come on, give me a clue. 

Lord Hurts: OK. Here is the clue.....Ayurveda. This is not the name of any tree or plant, but it is the name of a system of traditional Indian medicine. Remember. The only way pharmaceutical companies can make a huge profit is to take a natural product and synthesize it to receive a patent, and then charge excessive prices to customers to receive something that was inexpensive and natural from the start. I will be working on this very soon. Now, I thank you, and if you were finished eating, I would give you a fast ride in my Aston Martin Vantage that is out front, but as you are not, and I am in a hurry, Good Bye, and feel free to use any of my postings for whatever reason.

And thus Lord Hurts left the restaurant, leaving me with his bill. What a guy. I must say, I do find him interesting to say the least.

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