Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Donald Trump: Trojan With Bad Hair

"Trump also warns that he could launch an independent bid for the presidency should the GOP pick someone he thinks will not win."

"A lot of people agree with me and find it amazing," Trump said of the eligibility controversy. "It's miraculous how this birth certificate just appeared." 
(Posted: December 05, 2011, 8:35 pm Eastern, By Bob Unruh, © 2011 WND).

Donald Trump gives the impression that he is a real Patriot, but my doubts are founded in his past. Seems that he has said and done this all before (mentioning in August of 2011, that he might re-enter as a third party candidate). And if my memory doesn't belie me, Donald Trump was a lifelong, registered, Democrat, even thought he seldom took the "time" to actually "mark" a ballot. No. My suspicion is that Trump is acting as a "Cat's Paw" for Hillary Clinton. Hillary knows that should she challenge Obama in a Democratic primary, the black vote will be offended, and not support her (they will stay home on election day).  Trump,  by bringing up Obama's birth certificate flaws, again, and the legality of him being a Natural Born Citizen, might just cause the Democratic planners and George Soros, to go to their "back up" Marxist, Hillary Clinton, without fear of causing a "black backlash". And I assure the reader that in a Presidential election between Hillary Clinton, and any of the current Republican "pretenders", Hillary will win by a landslide. So it is my expressed opinion, that to further the possibility, for a real Republican contender to "rise" to a position of believability, Donald Trump must be STOPPED from monitoring any Republican debates. Donald Trump is not to be trusted. And the Republican candidates have made fools of themselves already without further being "helped" by this "Trojan" with bad hair. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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