Thursday, July 10, 2014

Free Andrew Tahmooressi Now!

Andrew Tahmooressi, the 26 year old veteran of two tours of duty in Afghanistan is still in the hands of the corrupt Mexican government. This brave American had been, while in Afghanistan, involved in an IED attack that destroyed his military vehicle. And this brave American has served enough time in the 'Mexican Hell Hole of a Prison' on the nonsense charges brought by a corrupt Mexican government for his unintentional infraction of law, that it is time for American Action. It is time for U.S. military leaders to do their duty not only to free this American citizen, but to fulfill their duty to defend our Constitution from all enemies, domestic and foreign, and see that this Muslim President, B.H. Obama Jr. is removed from office.

The charges brought against Andrew Tahmooressi are no more valid than the claim of Hillary Clinton that she and her daughter were under fire in Bosnia. There has been much media mention that this American, Tahmooressi, had crossed the Mexican border with 3 military type weapons. But nowhere is there mention of a charge of his having ammunition for these weapons. Now just using logic instead of legal 'mumbo jumbo'...............what value is a military weapon without ammunition? And not having ammunition for his weapons (guns without ammunition are at best 'clubs), it is reasonable to believe that his intent was not to do harm to anyone in Mexico....... accidental crossing into that country or not. Thus this entire situation with his imprisonment would seem to be nothing more than a 'Red Herring' presented by the corrupt Mexican government based on reasons of 'false governmental security'. Mexico claims to be a democratic nation when in fact it is corrupt and chaotic. Why else would thousands, and thousands, of its citizens cross at their own personal peril, illegally, into the U.S. each and every day? 

Patriots, please note that Andrew Tahmooressi was  granted a battlefield  promotion for his leadership and heroism, and was promoted to sergeant during his tour in Afghanistan. And further note that B.H. Obama Jr. sends our brave men into harms way to fight wars with their 'hands tied behind them' for political reasons, and by doing so extends the time of the conflict, and the amount of young warriors who are either wounded or killed.  It moreover should be noted that our effeminate President is currently too occupied with playing pool and fundraising to not only free Andrew Tahmooressi, but he is too busy to defend our borders from illegal entry from Mexico. 

America had a Democratic President, James K. Polk, and he remembered 'The Alamo', and in 1846 said, "the cup of forbearance has been exhausted". He sent into Mexico the American army based on his understanding of the theory of "Manifest Destiny". Resistance to this American force was almost nonexistent from the Mexican citizens because they were tired of the corruption and 'slavery' imposed on them by their government. U.S. troops led by Gen. Winfield Scott landed at Veracruz, Mexico and took over the city. He and his troops then began marching toward Mexico City, and fought battles from Cerro Gordo all the way to the Mexican capitol. After defeating the Mexican army at Mexico City the war was over, and the old corrupt government was removed. A new government was elected, and America purchased land formally claimed by Mexico, and the two countries established the Rio Grande river as the border between the two countries. 

Maybe, another Gen. Scott will come forward, and we will see an end to the current corrupt American and Mexican governments. I have a feeling that most of the citizens of Mexico would like to see governmental reform even if it comes by way of an American army.
Lord Howard Hurts

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