Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Investigate WND and NASCAR Now

"The retail giant Costco Wholesale has issued an order to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s best selling book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from the shelves of its stores nationwide, WND has confirmed." Of course anything published by WND (World Net Daily) should be viewed with suspicion as WND seems to me to be a racist news organization that spends a majority of their published words degrading our Savor President, B.H. Obama. WND also spends a lot of 'press' in an attempt to promote the view that the 'Knock Out' game (Black Americans sucker punching White Americans) is a planned plot by Black Americans to repay Whites for their days in slavery. Is this Costco story just some plot by WND to discredit Costco and its co owner, Jim Sinegal, a B.H. Obama supporter?

It would seem to me that the Federal Government should make immediate investigations in this racist news organization, and make it prove in a court of law that their published contention that B.H. Obama has provided, to America, a false Birth Certificate is factually true. Department of Justice head, Eric Holder, should drag WND owner, Joseph Farha, into Federal Court and charge him with promoting a false and libelous 'picture' of our Savior President. It is time to finally determine if the First Amendment needs to contain some new restrictions from haters like Farha. 

Will this happen? Of course not. B.H. Obama is just a 'straw man' token President. If B.H. Obama was a true reformist he would have long ago 'Shut Down' not only WND, but NASCAR. As example just last Saturday at the NASCAR race in Daytona Beach, Florida, there were 40 plus cars on the starting grid. And how many of these cars were piloted by African Americans? Zero. Nada. None. What is Attorney General Holder doing about this  blatant discrimination? Zero. Nada. Nothing. Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jessie Jackson? Why are some of these cars sponsored by our Navy, Marines, and Army? How can large American corporations be so blatant about sponsoring racing teams that have no African Americans as either pit crew or drivers? Where is the diversity? Where is Affirmative Action? Where are the Congressional hearings? Why should NASCAR be able to hold another 'White Sunday' race without representation by African Americans? NASCAR is proof that White America rules this country and that B.H. Obama is just a 'Token' Black President. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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