Saturday, June 28, 2014

America Needs Christian Soldiers

An egalitarian society is a society of weak and fearful mediocrities concerned only with comfort and safety, and America is at this point in history today. Economic egalitarianism is a state of economic affairs in which equality of outcome is the goal. America, under the Obama Administration is leading us to this very conclusion. America, the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Free, at this time is just a footnote to the history of the world. We are now unfortunately at the end of the noble experiment in human freedom through personal responsibility. The 'Harvard Type Intellectuals' believe that they have obtained a superior state of enlightenment, and regard themselves as the 'God's of a higher and more understanding civilization', while all the time rejecting the Laws of Human Existence. They just do not understand that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident......... That Order can not come from chaos. Order is something that is created, and can not come from millions upon millions of atomic particles flying around and then at some time coming together to form a complex and ordered existence. Order only comes from Order. There is no other logical answer.................. thus Existence on Earth is the result of Creation not Evolution.

The Constitution has been 'Trashed' by both major political parties for over 70 years. The usurper, B.H. Obama, has been able to not only hide his real identity, and anti Constitutional political leanings, but has used his false claim to being 'Black' to keep the 'Weak Sheep' of America from forcing him to let someone, like Dr. Jerome Corsi, from going to Hawaii and viewing the Obama birth certificate found in the vault there, so as to compare it to the one that was posted by B.H. Obama on the Internet, and claimed to be a certified copy of this certificate found in the vault in Hawaii. Why no 'transparency' on this issue? Could it be that B.H. Obama knows that the birth certificate he posted on the Internet is a FAKE?

The 'Weak American Sheep' are told that the "Tea Party" must follow all the election rules while both the Democrats and the RHINO'S continue to play, not by the rules laid out by the Constitution, but by 'Selective Enforcement'. The loss in Mississippi just last week by the "Tea Party" candidate, at the hands of conspiring Democrats, and the traitorous RINOS that continue to lead the GOP, shows just how dire our future. 

It is time to Wake Up! The Patriots of America must join together and at all costs restore our lost "Moral Compass", and lead America to a rebirth. The "Tea Party" needs a courageous leader who can gather the Patriots into a political force to be reckoned with...... Christian Soldiers.
Lord Howard Hurts

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