Monday, June 9, 2014

"Do or Die" Time

Patriots. It is "Do or Die" time. B.H. Obama has lied and flaunted the laws of this nation long enough. It is time to send this FRAUD back to Chicago or jail. The  corruption of the Federal Government is nearly 100% (Congress, Supreme Court, and the President), and this latest issue with the return of Sergeant Bergdahl is the final insult to our military, and the nation. It is time to 'move' rather than 'sit around' and wait for future elections that will be driven by citizens who have their 'hands out' for more FREE STUFF from the Federal Government. 

Sergeant Bergdahl deserted his unit in Afghanistan. That is the issue. Nothing that happened to Sergeant Bergdahl after his desertion counts. It doesn't matter if he was housed in a cage or given freedom to walk around. It doesn't matter if he was abused by his 'captors' or he was treated as a Muslim brother. He chose to desert the U.S. Army, and anything that happened to him after this decision is his own doing. He is a traitor and nothing less. Sergeant Bergdahl is set to receive a 'reward' of $300,000 for his desertion. What will his 'brothers' in his former unit receive for NOT DESERTING? Zero. They will only receive more negative political spin from President Obama, and his minions, diminishing their honorable service.

Patriots, it is time to stop being confused by the spin from the President, and the Congress. Things are out of control, and it is time for the Patriots of America to take action and demand that our military take charge of the Federal Government, and bring sanity to this nation. We are currently a nation ruled by lawless leadership, and no elections can correct this situation. 

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin said:  “Desertion in combat – and I emphasize in combat, which means you are in a combat zone and routinely engaged with the enemy – is punishable by death. That should give you some indication as to how serious this is taken. When a man walks off and leaves his post in combat, he jeopardizes everybody else.

Susan Rice, National Security Adviser on national TV she said: Sergeant Bergdahl served  “with honor and distinction.”   

President Obama said:  “Today, families across America share in the joy that I know you feel.” (the return of Bergdahl).

The actual proof that Sergeant Bergdahl deserted his post is found in the letter he left behind when he 'turned up missing'. The problem today is that we have a President (supreme commander of the military) making a statement and evoking an exchange based on lies. But regardless, President B.H. Obama, as the supreme leader of all the American military has made his decision, and it can't be changed. Any military man that disputes the actions of President B.H. Obama would be charged with insubordination thus making the Obama decision final. 

Our military either takes charge of this great Republic by using the Constitutional option provided in their oath of service, or America will continue to be a nation run by Godless, homosexual, morons (Obama meets the description. Why will he not tell America where he was during the Benghazi attack? Was he and his "body man", Reggie Love, engaged in some form of physical activity?) who will only follow the Constitution and the 'Laws of the Land' that they deem personally relevant (selective enforcement of law). This nation can no longer exist by Selective Enforcement. President B.H. Obama has broken the law on numerous occasions, but this time he must be immediately asked to resign. And a failure to resign must be met with punishment that exceeds resignation.......... by the hands of our military. There can be no other option for the survival of this Great Republic.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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