Monday, July 28, 2014

B.H. Obama Jr. Is A Muslim

"A president who lies to the American public should resign." This statement was made by America's first 'Black' president, Bill Clinton, in 1974. This statement was made at the time President Richard Nixon read the 'tea leaves' and knew Impeachment was eminent. President Nixon did the honorable thing and resigned. When Bill Clinton was proved a liar, he conveniently forgot his rant for presidents who lie to the American public, and refused to resign.

Today, we have a serving President, B.H. Obama Jr., who has been caught many times lying to the citizens of American. Where is the cry from our first 'Black' President for this sitting President to resign? His silence is a thundering distraction. Where is the outrage from the Congress? The silence and pandering from these elected protectors of The Constitution is unbelievable. B.H. Obama Jr. is so arrogant that he is currently making jokes (similar to the ones he made about his Fake Birth Certificate) about his being Impeached. When will the Congress stop the pandering and cowardice, and take actions to remove this Fraud of a President? Oh, maybe when Hell freezes over.

I have said many times before that B.H. Obama Jr. is a Muslim. He has made many quips in the media about his being a Christian. Well the fact of the matter is that B.H. Obama Jr. is, by his own admission, the son of B.H. Obama Sr., who was a Muslim. By Muslim 'law' anyone who is born of a Muslim is a Muslim for life. To renounce the faith is a 'death warrant'. President Obama has made many offhand references to his faith as a Christian. But to stop the non believers, like myself, from continuing to announce that B.H. Obama Jr. is a Muslim it is time for this President to stand before the media, and tell the world that he renounces his birthright of being a Muslim. And that he is a devout Christian. Will he do this? Of  course not. It is like his Fake Birth Certificate. He makes jokes and says that non believers are nothing more than 'tin foil hat' antagonist, but he never lets any disbeliever go to Hawaii and see his actual birth certificate that is held in the records vault in Hawaii so as to compare it with the FAKE one that he had posted on the Internet. 

I challenge every person reading this article to send a copy to President Obama. And I further  challenge this President to 'man up' and renounce his birthright Muslim faith, and to tell the American citizens that he is in fact a man of the Christian religion.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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