Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back Sarah Palin

Think that Obama has not sunk the American economy? Think that this nation can continue to live off of credit cards on which one pays only the minimum required amount each month? Well read the attached article and 'Think Impeachment' for Obama, now. Forget what the traitor RINO's say about Impeachment. Forget this nonsense idea of not Impeaching Obama because it will only strengthen Democratic candidates, and stop a Republican 'title wave' in 2014. Why would we want more RINO's elected? Take  Charge. Take Action. 

America needs more RINO's like the world needs more toothless beavers. RINO's only mirror the unlawful views of our Constitution that the Obama Administration represents. Has America gone totally mad? It is not only time to Impeach this FRAUD of a President, but it is time to start a Revolution and throw out all of the establishment RINO's that pretend to want to restore the Constitution as the 'Law of the Land', but in fact only want to get elected so that they can loot and corrupt every  part of our Federal Government. Survival of America is survival of the economy. 50 million Americans, and counting, on "Food Stamps" doesn't project a glowing future. It is time for all good American's to back Sarah Palin. It is time to stop giving money to the good old GOP. It is time to draw a line in the sand and punish those who cross that line. America is not a true Democracy, and the Patriots of this nation must do what is necessary to see that this Republic still stands. Revolution was good enough for our Founding Father's........and remember that they were not a majority by any stretch of the imagination. No nation on Earth was ever conquered by a majority. Change only comes by way of a dedicated minority. It is time for America to find its lost 'Moral Compass', and to re establish the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". Back Sarah Palin.
Lord Howard Hurts

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