Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things Are Getting Curiouser and Curiouser

Andrew Breitbart, Vincent Walker Foster, Jr.,  John P. Wheeler II, did these men all die by either natural causes or by their own hand? Breitbart, in particular, said, just recently, that he had films of President Obama, from his college days, that will  "show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what Hope and Change were sold to you in 2008.” And not to be totally melodramatic, but I am currently residing in Costa Rica due to an incident I wrote about: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2012, Where In The World Is Lord Howard Hurts? In this posting I felt that I was being followed by two individuals that just might have been on a mission to see that I "sleep with the fishes", and left Gran Canari, to come to Costa Rica.

The last time I saw Andrew Breitbart, maybe two months ago, I did notice that his physical being looked uncharacteristically unkempt. But I knew that he had had a "blow out" with Glenn Beck, and so I attributed it to this. I had also admonished Breitbart for his having dinner with Bill Ayers and  Bernadine Dohrn: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2012, The "Bleating" Goes On and On.  Of course The Daily Caller never published this, so here it is:

Inside TheDC’s dinner with former Weather Underground terrorists
By Jamie Weinstein  Published: 11:41 PM 02/06/2012

This article tells about a "surreal celebrity dinner" won by Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, former Weather Underground leaders.  Also attending and representing the "good guys" were: "Carlson's brother Buckley, Daily Caller columnist and Weekly Standard senior writer Matt Labash, online media mogul Andrew Breitbart, a Daily Caller contest winner and this reporter."  You need to read this article to fully understand the significance of my response.

Looks like the "good guys" were once again defeated by experience. The "Bleating" goes on. It is apparent that this "Nation of Blind Sheep" is being led by the "gelded". The good guys have a Moral Compass, but that is not enough when dealing with Marxist with "Balls". Size does count, and brass ones apparently trump real ones. 
Lord Howard Hurts

All this gives rise to the inevitable conspiracy theory that is currently "brewing", and when one takes into account all the peripheral facts surrounding Breitbart, and his life, it is certain that the exact cause of his death will never be known. 

Post Script: Even though I am in Costa Rica, at this time, I have a phone that picks up in Florida, and transfers all calls to Costa Rica. So that any person calling me assumes that I have answered in Florida. Well just recently, I received a call from someone who identified herself as a "Political Poller".  She asked if I would take a few minutes to answer some questions. She asked if she was in fact talking with Lord Hurts, and if I was a person who posted "a lot of" political articles on a blog. I answered, "No". She, further asked if I was a "Strong Republican", and I answered, "No". She then asked if I was going to vote in the coming elections, and I answered, "Probably Not". She thanked me, and hung up. Now it could just be one big coincidence, but sometime after this phone call my home in Sarasota was entered (I have no idea exactly when, as I am not in Florida), and the locked door to my office was broken. I keep nothing of value at that house, and the person looking after the house, while I am away, could find nothing missing. But she did mention that one of the computers, in the office, could not now access Foxfire as a search engine for some reason. Strange or maybe not so strange. 

I will continue to rant about getting Florida, Rep., Allen West elected if there should be a "Brokered Republican Convention". Things in America are getting more curiouser and curiouser. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

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