Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Do Informed Patriots Continue To Sit On Their Hands?

Let me ask the Big Question: Why do informed Patriots continue to sit on their hands and let Obama and these Socialist Vermin, in his administration, continue to destroy both this nations Constitution and our National Moral Values? 

The answer is very simple: The Vermin are funded by taxpayer money. This is their "job". They work in coordination with Obama to ferment unrest through Class Warfare. The working citizens, of America, are paying the taxes that are given to these Vermin so that they can destroy, not only this great nation, but our entire Judeo Christian Moral Value system. The biggest obstacle to restoring this nation to the values of our Founders is the Federal Education System. This education system is "geared" to promote Socialism, and to create the Socialist teachers needed to continue the "march" towards the complete destruction of our Constitutional freedoms. It is too bad that the Patriots of America don't seem to recognize the enemy within.

We are now faced with a youthful population that has no Moral Compass, and has no knowledge of our Founders and history. And because of this, our youths know almost nothing about the Constitution. They have been trained, like some "Pavlov dog", by the Government Education System to "lean" towards the "underdog", regardless of the facts, or Constitutional legality. The taxpaying Patriot is so bogged down with government regulations, and making a living by actual work, so that the "slackers" can get their handouts, that he believes the Big Lie; that everything will be alright when a Republican, President, and Congress, takes office. But the truth of the matter is that we are where we are today because of past Republican administrations that turned out to be no different than Democratic administrations. The 2012 RINO's, running for President, are nothing but appeasers. It is time to face facts and stop the appeasing. We need a strong Republican candidate who has military experience, because when the Socialist Vermin are confronted, they will do what socialist always do.........attack and cause civil unrest. Only a military man will have the courage to do what is necessary to rid this nation of this Socialist Vermin that the Obama administration has brought upon us. We need a leader who understands the Constitution, and who will follow it in the spirit of that document, and who will dismiss all the "word twisting" that comes from the Socialist Traitors. The Constitution must forever stand, and anyone who doesn't like it can leave America, and find their own place in the sun, in the country of their choice. 

The proof of the destruction brought on this nation by Socialist thinking and Class Warfare is found in the titles: African-American, Hispanic-American, or any other hyphenated American. Americans are Americans. This is a sovereign nation not an organization of nations. Anyone who hyphenates "American" is an enemy of this nation and its Constitution. It is time for the Patriots of America to take whatever action is needed to restore this nation to greatness, and to remove the Socialist Vermin that are destroying all Moral Values, and our Constitution. Patriots built America, and Patriots can save it. But we need a leader to come forward and lead the charge. I propose Allen West, retired, Lt. Col. U.S. army, and U.S. Rep. from Florida. I believe that Col West has the Moral Conviction, and the Courage, that is needed to stop this Socialist "slide", and I believe that he can restore this torn and divided Republic to world prominence.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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