Friday, March 23, 2012

Is The "Harvard" Type Brain Really Superior?

This is an Email I sent to my son, the "Harvard" type:  Rob. I love to read your medical information. You are so clear and precise in your assessments. You don't rely on "voodoo" cures, you go to the real source, "Harvard" studies. And you view yourself as the  smartest person on Planet Earth, and me as the chief engineer of "The Crazy Train". So please let me ask you a question or two, and get informed. 

Is there any other study, besides math, where 2+2 equals 4 every time, regardless of gravity, if it should be raining in Costa Rica, if it is Sunday the 13th, Obama's birthday, or any other factor found on Planet Earth? I assume that even you would admit that Math is the "Universal Language", and that there is only one correct answer for each "problem" regardless of the circumstances. Now does Medicine equal math? I assume, again, that even you will answer, No. I assume that you will admit that Medicine has many variables, and is extremely complex. But given this, is there any real proof that modern Medicines work better than "voodoo" Medicines? I am sure again, that you have faith in the medical reviews that you cite, or directly quote, but is there any proof that any Medicine, reviewed in these studies, works 100% as advertised? If the answer is No, and this is the logical answer because we have established that Medicine is not math, then just how can anyone believe that modern Medicine really works? Remember that 2+2 equals 4 every time in math. 

Oh, I understand, we can't expect all Medicines to work for every person because every person has different needs? Then if this is so, maybe Heredity is a more important factor in the health of persons than the "Harvard" types want to admit. Is there, in your opinion, any validity to the Universal Medicine, the "Placebo"? In all studies of the effectiveness of Medicines there is always the "Placebo Effect" mentioned. This "Medicine" is sometimes, 20% to 40% effective, and has zero side effects. And as it is cheap, and needs no studies or tests to work, would it not be better, for researchers, to concentrate on just what the "Placebo Effect" really is, rather than spending millions upon millions of dollars on "wild ass" guessing to find, and produce, Medicines that are not 100% effective anyway? Actually, 20% to 40% without any side effects seems very good when the cost is next to zero. One big problem with this logic is that the "Harvard" type brain rejects all ideas that "Man" is the result of creation by a "Superior Being", or Creator, but at the same time the "Harvard" type brain wants to substitute the idea of Creation by a "God", with the idea that the "Harvard" type brain can cure all the worlds ills through it's superior intelligence, and thus the "Harvard" type is actually playing "God". Weird concept really. But the "Harvard" types don't see or recognize the conflict. They are too busy looking in the mirror at themselves, "preening" themselves, and telling the world how smart they are, and how dumb the non "Harvard" types are. They firmly believe that order comes from chaos, and they hold no stock in the idea that order can only come from order. 

Please read the following carefully. This is something that was written by a  licensed, American, doctor......maybe, or maybe not: "She was deathly ill, and her primary care physician had no answers to offer her. At the  time I had been studying the effect of high doses of vitamin C on viruses. Due to this girl's desperate situation, I began treating her with high doses (5 grams) of intravenous vitamin C. By evening, my patient was beginning to feel better, and her lung function was improving significantly. Within two days, she had mostly recovered; her liver function had improved steadily, and her lung function was almost back to normal. An amazing turnaround. She recovered 100%." Do you believe this statement? I am not saying that it is true, and I am not saying that I did not  make it up. I am just asking you if it could be true. 

In the previous example, could the cure for her problem not be the vitamin C itself, but a "Placebo Effect"? Or could the vitamin C really be the actual cure for her medical problem? Is it possible that the girl was not even sick, but just thought that she was sick, and thus triggered some positive symptoms that her brain wanted to make known? And remember, I maybe made up this entire story. So what is your thought on this, and how do you defend the fact that only you and other "Harvard" types know what Medicines really work? Is a "Placebo" not a legitimate form of cure when it works? Please do one of your "famous" "Fact Checks" to see if the story is real or fake. Check the Internet for similar stories from licensed doctors. I have found similar stories by many different licensed doctors. Are they all crazy? How is it that some Jews, in prison camps, in Germany, during World War ll, went for years without good food, clean water, or enough calories to function normally in the cold, and heat, but lived? How is it that they also went for months without so much as washing their hands (you don't think anyone can live without washing their hands several times and hour), but lived, after being set free by the Americans, a normal life span? I am not saying that prison was good, or that many did not die, but 100% did not die, even when worked to exhaustion, day in and day out. Might Heredity play a much bigger factor in keeping the human race on Earth than any modern Medicines? Can you buy good Heredity? 

The brain is what keeps the body alive. Might modern researchers, through the proof that "Placebos" work, better serve the human race if they spent more time on understanding why "Placebos" work, and make a study of these effects on brain functions rather than do the millions upon millions of experiments with elements and compounds that seldom produce results better than "voodoo" Medicines? The "Harvard" types are so limited in their scope of understanding about the workings of the human brain, and the relationship that exists between all life on Earth and a Creator, that in their attempts to substitute themselves for the Creator, in whom they profess to not believe, they are actually repressing advancement in all segments of Earthly life. The proof of this former statement is this: The human brain can not design anything not already known to man. There is no such thing as an original idea. Nothing can be created or destroyed. This is why history always repeats. There is no other reality on Earth. And in their attempt to prove that the "Harvard" type, brain is superior, the "Harvard" types will destroy all human life, along with most plant and animal life........all the while believing that they are creating a "Brave New World of Enlightenment". This is why the Barbarian will always inherit the Earth, and "Time" will start afresh.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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