Friday, March 9, 2012

Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin: A Real "Cool Cat"

I watched Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin the other day on Glenn Beck TV. A real "cool cat" indeed. I listened intently for a sign that he would be prepared to lead the fight to restore the Constitution of America to the "law of the land". But with all his "coolness", the general was, in my opinion, not understanding the situation fully, and in depth, concerning the coming November elections. He may have been a good general, but he doesn't see the "forest for the trees" when it comes to the non combat type Revolution that we are now engaged in. Obama and his Marxist administration is waging a war of the mind rather than a war of the strongest warrior. When a general takes the "bait", and attempts to fight Marxist liars (the end justifies the means) at their own designed game, the outcome is 100% predictable. DEFEAT. 

So let me give the good general some advice: War by any other name is still War. Make the enemy fight on your terms at all times. Set your goal and move forward, and don't ask for any concessions, and don't give any concessions. Take no prisoners. Warriors Rule, and "Harvard Types" push papers, and double talk. America is a Nation Under God, and if the "Harvard Types" don't like it, then they can move to whatever country they want. "Harvard Types" don't understand that all their freedoms are due to the strength of the American military, and the sacrifices made by the Patriots of this great Republic. And the American military needs to understand that you can not have a rational discussion with irrational "Harvard Types" who base victory on verbal confusion rather than body count. 

To understand where America is today, do your homework and read about: Boudica, “Warrior Queen” of the Iceni. What most people don't understand is that America today is a nation run by Women, and "Harvard Types", that believe that Love and Peace is what makes the world go around. And they believe that there is no place, in America, for Warriors. Now please understand by the example, Boudica, "Warrior Queen", we are being "attacked" by an enemy led by the "visions" of women, and "Harvard Types", and they outnumber the Warriors and Patriots of this nation by many millions. But if we can find our own Gaius Suetonius Paulinus (he was the Roman governor that defeated Boudica) this nation will survive. I am sure there will follow the usual complaints about my "harshness", but have you noticed that when rules are relaxed, bad behavior follows? Should this nation continue on its current path, a more telling name would be: The Effeminate States of America.

Just who is Lord Howard Hurts? Well, he is just an American citizen who chose to be an American citizen (Born British). He believes in the American Constitution, and understands that America is a Republic, and not a Democracy (mob rule). 

Lord Howard Hurts

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