Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama Is The Judas Sheep

This past week I moved about San Jose (Costa Rica), and with the stealth of a wounded rhino, I got the latest scuttlebutt "traveling" up and down the "phone lines" of the minds of some of the countries notorious illegal drug exporters, and ex patriots from both Britain and America. One of the topics of interest was the soon to be built: New China Town. 

Some of the best stories, about the current happenings in San Jose, can be found at the Blue Marlin Bar located in the Hotel del Rey on Avenida 1. The best "night life" is during the early evening around 8 PM, or slightly later. But on this day, I was there during the lull between siesta and 3 PM. I met with a couple of "savory" characters, who were "trolling" for either Canadians or Americans, in the hope of getting them interested in buying some real estate these "goons" owned, out of town.  When they found out that I was not interested in their "blue sky", our talk soon turned to politics, and the fact that San Jose Mayor, Johnny Araya, was letting the Chinese government destroy the old historical neighborhood of Paseo de los Estudiantes. It seems that Mayor Johnny thinks that he "owns" San Jose, and can make whatever deals he wants. This New China Town project is funded with $1 million dollars from the government of China, and $300,000 from the city government. And now that the locals are showing up in protest every day, Johnny tells the locals that this is a good investment, and will become a "tourist trap" like the similar China Town in New York. 

When finished there will be two Chinese style arches to advertise this new China Town. But the real fact of the matter is that China is moving, more and more, into Central and South America, and especially, Costa Rica, winning both the hearts and minds of the Ticos (what Costa Ricians call themselves). And after Costa Rica cut diplomatic relations with Taiwan, several years ago, there is now a free trade agreement between China and Costa Rica, and China has even built a $100 million National Stadium in downtown San Jose, and has given many more millions to upgrade the Caribbean port of Moin. It seems that Americans are becoming "The Ugly Americans" in this quiet little country. China is fast becoming a partner to the people, and is setting up new banking interests that point to China being poised to make the Yuan the currency for world trade.

While my new friends, and myself were talking, two, very nice looking, Ticas (women) had come into the bar to discuss "business" with some inebriated tourist from Tampa, Florida. Apparently, the guy was supposed to have met them at a restaurant over on Calli 9, and taken them for a drive into the country. When he did not arrive, they came to find him, and the 3 of them proceeded to get into a fight about how much he owed them for waiting. He paid them $20, and asked the bartender for a six pack of Imperial (a local beer), and "slinked" off to his room to recover. On their way to the door, one of the Tica's came over to us and asked if we wanted to purchase some "good" ganja. Personally, not wanting to be bothered by these "working" women, I "took charge" and waved them to the door.....whereupon, one of them, extending her middle finger, gave us the universal, "middle finger salute". And with this rough-cut display, our discussion soon focused on illegal drugs, and the new President of  Guatemala, Otto Fernando PĂ©rez Molina, a retired military officer, who has been making speeches recently that all drugs should be made legal, and that the United States should stop funding and participating in Drug Wars. 

Not wanting to raise the ire of my "new found friends", I changed the subject from illegal drugs to the Obama birth certificate issue. I thought that I had made a valid point when I pointed out that several document experts had declared that the certificate Obama had posted on the Internet was a composite document, and could not possibly be a true copy of his supposed Hawaiian certificate. But to my surprise, one of the ex-pats said that it should not make any difference if the birth certificate was fake or not. Or even that Obama was born somewhere other than the United States. He said, in fact, that all these issues were irrelevant. That the proof that Obama is not qualified to be President is the fact that by his own admission, he is the son of a Muslim, father.  He further stated that there are two types of apostates according to Sharia Law. The first type bing murtad milli, or one who has converted to Islam, and then later renounces the faith. The second is murtad fitri, or one born of a Muslim father who renounces his birthright. Children, of even a non practicing Muslin, such as Obama's father, and irrespective of the faith of Obama's mother, are viewed by Muslims, around the world, as Muslim. And for someone to renounce the Muslim faith is the most egregious choice a person can make, and in doing so, automatically targets that person for death. Then he asked the 64 thousand dollar question: "Have there been any attempts by Muslim's to kill Obama?" "Is he listed as a murtad fitri?" After thinking this over for a time, I said, "No. I don't remember there being any mention of Obama being targeted by radical Muslims". 

So regardless of Obama's professed religion being Christian, he is definitely a "card carrying" Muslim. And because the radical Muslims see him as "The Emasculate President", only those with a Western mind set believe, mistakenly, that Obama, being familiar with Muslim teachings, will be able to solve all the issues of dominancy by the Mid Eastern world. Most Muslims are born and raised in the harsh environment of the desert. They despise emasculated men, hold contempt for personal weakness, do not take orders from women (Hillary Clinton), and are in no way appreciative of soft words from Jews or Christians. Muslims are trapped in a medieval era, and no amount of "understanding" will lessen their goals to dominate. So if there has been no perceived call for Obama's "head", it is only because the "devout enemy" of both Jews and Christians is gaining strength before they strike. There will be a strike, be certain of that fact, and the only defense is to attack them before they gain the "upper hand". Obama is the "Judas Sheep" that is leading America into the Muslim trap. Obama needs to go, NOW! And without  some leader coming from the ranks of the military, America is doomed.
Lord Howard Hurts

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