Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Live In A Non Linear World

There is good and bad in each and every human being. Most persons try to hide this fact, but the law of Existence provides that for each positive there is a corresponding and equal negative. "Our World" is a  complicated mathematical balancing act. Evolutionary Theory, and this is most important and always overlooked by the scientific community, and academia, is by definition, Linear. The problem being that we live in a Non Linear world. In "Our World", and maybe in the entire Universe, everything moves in circles. Thus, Evolutionary Theory is just a Tangent to the Universe.

When dealing with the average human mind, one finds an inherent natural understanding between right and wrong. This is another proof of "Designed Existence" rather than an existence formed from chaos, as is the basis of the Evolutionary Theory. Whenever you find anything "defined" by a mathematical design, you have Creation. The scientific community and academia be damned. One can not take random words and create an understandable book. You might get an occasional discernible sentence, but you will never get a completed, rational, thought, and never a logical and completed novel. "The Physics and Philosophy of Creation" by Lord Howard Hurts

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