Friday, March 11, 2011

Read This Book: UHURU, by Robert Ruark

When one is told that we should study and understand Black History Month (US), maybe more than just the history of black persons, and their struggle to assimilate into the predominate white culture of the US should be studied. And if one believes that heredity is a "compass point" to determining the future of both social and moral actions, then a study of African history should be included. As a starting point, I would recommend that one read: Uhuru, by Robert Ruark. Mr. Ruark's book is fiction, but based on his knowledge and love for Africa. Set in Kenya, Africa, in the 1950's, this book provides an insight into the complexities of freedom and responsibility that trouble us today. Much like Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, Uhuru (Swahili word for "freedom") is years ahead of its time. Please take the time to read this book because knowledge is power. This Republic is on the edge of destruction, and nobody seems to want to do their own "homework".  The "flip side" of this message is that there is a political group in the US calling itself, The Uhuru Movement. This group should be studied, and taken very serious, something that even Glenn Beck has failed to do. As example, checkout:  ( once "inside" hit the UhuruNews "button" and read), and I think you will be made aware of the threat, from within, that is coming to this Republic. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

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