Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proofers and Birthers Get a Boost from Trump

Proofers and Birthers Get a Boost from Trump, Canada Free Press, Jim O'Neill  Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is a response to this article by Jim O'Neill. 

Great article, but what do you propose to do about this fraud? We have been a nation of Sheep for too long. We will get what we deserve if we continue to "play by the rules" dictated to us by Obama, our most worthless Congress, and the lap dog, media. Complaints must be followed by positive action, and my positive action is Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (retired) for President. I do not believe that we can let Obama finish out his term of office. I truly feel that Obama has torn this country apart, and divided its citizenry, so totally that he needs to leave office NOW. That to wait until the elections of 2012 will be a huge mistake. Obama is a socialist, and a Christian hater. He has steadily refused to provide to questioning citizens his long form birth certificate, his school records, his college records, his passport records, his student loan records, or his college papers. He has had a dedicated military man, Lt. Col. Lakin, incarcerated because of his refusal (Obama) to provide proof of his citizenship. Obama is a common criminal, and the politicians stand around, and either praise him, or refuse to take action against his illegal behavior. This is why we need a President who can stand up to these "thugs", and follow the Constitution, and dismiss all those in Congress who have, and continue to neglect their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.
Lord Howard Hurts

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