Saturday, April 2, 2011

Natural Gas Works....Ethanol Is A Brobdingnagian Dream

There is no doubt  that we are in a "fuel" crisis. The assumption that we can substitute ethanol (grain alcohol) for petroleum based fuel (gas and diesel) is absurd. The cost of production of ethanol is more than the output in BTU's, proving once again that perpetual motion is a  Brobdingnagian Dream. The theory for ethanol is all warm and fuzzy, and so... Harvard, but it is just another elitist dream that overlooks reality.  The BTU's (heat energy) from ethanol is half that of regular gas, meaning that to accomplish the same work in a combustion engine (the ones that drive our cars) you need double the gallons to do the same work. So for a vehicle to travel the same distance as one using gas, you need a tank that holds 40 gallons of fuel instead of 20. Somehow the government has forgotten to mention this fact, and it will be a real surprise, if and when,  we turn to 100% ethanol instead of gas or diesel fuels. Of course, this is why the government currently demands that we use only 10 or 15% ethanol in each gallon of our gas. They realize that 100% ethanol is not only too pricey, but there is no way to produce this much ethanol even if we turned all the farmland in the US into the production of ethanol,  and forgot about growing food. And another minus in this "grown fuel" is that in order to convert a "food source" into ethanol, the "food source" must contain sugar. The best source of this needed sugar would be found in Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane works for Brazil (where they use a lot of ethanol to fuel their vehicles) because they seldom have a day with a temperature below 80 degrees.  And yes,  Sugar Cane grows in limited areas of the US, the south, but there is just not enough land that can be cultivated to meet the demand, and if you will do your own research, you will find that Sugar Cane is not something that is grown without huge environmental problems. So why is the government pushing ethanol as a substitute fuel? Ignorance and Corruption.  Now, all this said, is there some other pollution free (relative) that makes sense? YES. Natural Gas (the US currently has, it is said,   200,000 Trillion cubic feet – close to 9,000 years of supply at current U.S. consumption levels.).

T. Boone Pickens has a plan that makes sense, his idea to "gear up" and provide Natural Gas for big trucks is both logical and cost effective. and holds the prospect of getting the smell and danger of diesel fuel off the road, and out of the air we breath.  Why is his plan not in effect today? Because the Corruption in Washington is still working with ethanol. I guess there is no current method to insert corruption into the use and production of Natural Gas, so our moron Congressmen just don't want to "play".  Again, proving that Obama, and this Congress, needs to be REMOVED NOW. It is time the citizens of this country stop being a Nation of Sheep. It is time that we stop looking to self serving institutions of higher education for both Answers and Leadership. They are Corrupt. It is time for the average citizen to stop Bleating, and take charge of this Republic. The Corruption needs to stop, and this country needs to follow the Constitution given us by our Founders.  Obama is leading us to socialism, and if he is not stopped NOW, there will be a  Coronation in 2012, rather than an election.
Lord Howard Hurts

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