Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ann Coulter Is A "Genius". NOT

This posting is in reference to the Ann Coulter interview on Hannity, Fox News, Monday night. Coulter, in that interview, gave the impression that Birthers and Child Molesters are one and the same.

The office of President of the United States of America has restrictions placed on it by the Constitution. A short form birth certificate doesn't contain enough information to be of help should one think that there is reason for further investigation into the legitimacy of the holder of this office. And there is every reason to believe that Obama just might not be showing his true, short form,  birth certificate (he has refused to provide school records, passport records, student loan records, and list of law clients. His mother has a "timeline" just prior to, and after his birth, that just doesn't seem reasonable. He mentioned in his book that he had traveled to Pakistan during a time when American travel was restricted by that government. Friends of his mother were surprised when informed of the "wedding" to Obama Sr., and mentioned that they had never seen the couple together. Enquiring minds want to know the missing parts of this Presidents life. He is a public servant, and needs to provide the American citizens information about his life. If he feels that his former life is Private, then he needs to find another job. During his campaign he never stopped talking about the Transparency that would be the "pillar" of his administration.). So rather than treat Birthers as "white trash" trailer park morons, let this President speak for himself (something that I find, personally surprising, in view of his being on the TV almost every day talking endlessly about himself.), and provide the answers Enquiring minds want to know. Let the facts speak for themselves. It is time for Obama to show leadership.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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