Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Children Served Alcoholic Drinks

What ever happened to all those runaway Toyota's? The ones that the harder one pushed the brake pedal the faster the car went.  Seemed like everyday there was another one that, like the Audi's of the 80's, had this mysterious problem. Then suddenly, just like the Audi's of old, the mysterious problem stopped. The Toyota's (cars) must have known that the US government and Congress was "on the case", and they decided that they would perform like normal cars again. Yawn, yawn. I have a premonition that these current incidents of children being served alcoholic drinks instead of "Shirley Temples" will suddenly stop the same as the runaway Toyota's.  Isn't it strange that after extensive investigation, there was no evidence that the Toyota's had any mechanical or computer problems? That the real cause of these "runaway" cars was driver error. Yawn, yawn. It might be better if the media "wised up", and didn't report these stories from the start. It is not like these restaurants are in a conspiracy to "alcohol poison" the youth of America. Maybe these media types would better serve this country if they investigated President Obama, rather than runaway cars, and children being given alcoholic drinks by accident, and found his lost, long form, birth certificate. 
Lord Howard Hurts  

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