Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama Needs To Go Now!

At this point in the discussion, it doesn't matter if  BH Obama has an American birth certificate or not. He is a devout Marxist, and that fact is not only evident, but provable. Do not mistake in thinking that he is totally responsible for the socialist direction we are now headed. The weak republican Presidents from Nixon to GW. Bush, did nothing to deter the course of this "fall from greatness." Corruption, such as that which fell the Roman Empire, is likewise our primary failing. We have become a most decadent society.  Easy credit, gambling (state  lotteries), unions, 15 minutes of fame, drugs (both legal and illegal), and the mistaken notion that  "if it feels good, do it", have completely done away with the concept of Moral Responsibility. It is my opinion, that unless Obama is removed from office, NOW, this country will not survive as a Republic.  We currently have a Supreme Court that is composed of persons who have no intention "to do their sworn duty" to defend the Constitution.  So the handwriting is "on the wall".  The end is near. The only way that this great nation can survive is to have some strong, non political, military man come to the front, and take charge. I say military man, because these Marxists thugs will not go quietly. They will "attack" and disrupt all attempts to regain the Freedoms we have lost over the past 40 years.  We need a strong leader who knows the Constitution, and who will have no problem dealing with any, and all, disruptors in a "military fashion"(this nation was conceived and founded on Christian morals and ethics). It is most unfortunate that this type of action is needed, but just look at the amount of money needed to run a campaign for President in 2012 (one billion dollars), and you see that Corruption is our enemy. Read the Constitution.  Accept it and follow it, or pack your bags and move to the country that has the government you like. "Traitors will be shot". 
Lord Howard Hurts   

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