Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can We Afford A "Candy Ass" or "Bible Thumper" As President?

Our great country is currently A Nation Of Sheep. Sissy boys, wearing earrings and tattoos, pretending that they "know all of life's realities" because they received a self serving degree from some college like Harvard. And I am not just speaking about democrats. I am speaking about the leaders of the republican party.  Now, granted, Karl Rove doesn't fit this pattern, but he is, sure enough, a "sissy boy". Then we have the Presidential "wantabees", Huckabee and Romney. And please don't misunderstand me, as "regular" citizens, I am sure that they are fine, but as leaders of this Republic, in these times of world unrest, I look at them, and see a misguided, socialist, Bible Thumper (Huckabee), and a Candy Ass (Romney). Yes, Candy Ass. Do you remember back in high school when Candy Ass was the "in word"? Well, Romney fits the definition to a Tee. It is his hair and his "bad boy", "puffed" macho man persona. Remember in the last Presidential elections, when he said that he was pro guns, and a hunter? Then the truth came out. He didn't know the difference between the stock and the barrel of a rifle. No, this is one election where we can't afford to elect another "pretty boy", groveling, PC, empty suit. And we don't need someone who, according to Harvard, or the press, has the biggest brain in the world. Done that, and it just didn't "pan out" as advertised. And anyway, if we wanted a President with the largest brain in the world, we would elect Flipper. No, this election is critical to the American Experiment. We need a leader grounded in the Christian religion, the religion of our founders. Huckabee might be a nice person, but he has no actual knowledge of the Bible. I dare say that he has not read this entire book, from cover to cover. He, like other Bible Thumpers, picks cute phrases from the text, and disregards the other 75% of this most inspired book. I have read the Bible from cover to cover, and I don't think that it would be something that the average American would want displayed on TV before the "adult viewing time" starts. Life is not always "Pretty".

One can debate the idea of a Creator forever, but in the end, one has to come to the logical conclusion that life on earth is just too complex to have been an accident. And if the Bible is the guide to all human existence, then we need to know more than the Disney interpretations given us by our esteemed, so called, religious leaders. We need to know and understand Free Will. Free Will is what places us above all other life forms on earth. We also need to know all the actions of the "Founders" of the Christian religion.  And to do so, we need someone, as our leader, who will restore sanity and responsibility to our "shattered" lives. We don't need a Candy Ass or a Bible Thumper. We need a person who understands life's realities, and our Constitution, and will lead from a "point" of strength rather than weakness. And this is my reason for proposing that the Republican Party chose Paul E. Vallely, a retired US Army Major General, as canidate for President in 2012. Don't know him? Do your own homework.
Lord Howard Hurts  

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