Friday, April 22, 2011

Is There A Logical Reason Why Democrats Are Mentally Ill?

Life is just too complicated to have been an accident.  Existence, on earth is linear. Linear is defined as something connected by a straight line from a point A to a point B. A linear existence is one in which there is a beginning and an end. We know that human existence exists, so we also know that human existence will, at some point, not exist. So what we do in between is what we have control over. So, to extend the human experience, we must look around our world, and figure out how to extend the distance from point A to point B. This is where Free Will comes into play. We can be  smart or we can be stupid. We can interpret things correctly, or we can interpret things incorrectly. Now, for example, lets say that we have no knowledge of a hand saw. While walking in the forest one day, we find a piece of metal with what looks like "teeth" on it, and having a handle. We can see that the "teeth" were put on this piece of metal for a reason. That they are too complicated and organized to have been an accident. We can see that they in fact do some work when moved back and forward on an object like a piece of wood. We also can see that the handle makes it easier on our hands to move this piece of metal back and forth on a piece of wood. We can accept the saw and use it to cut wood, or we can hang it on a wall, and let others come view the interesting piece of metal we found. Free Will. We can also look at human teeth. We can see that they also are too complicated to have been an accident. We can see that some are for grinding and that some are for ripping and tearing. We know that teeth that rip and tear are not needed for eating fruits or vegetables. We also know that other earthly animals eat meat, and we can see that they have teeth designed to tear meat. Then it must be that human teeth were designed to eat fruits and vegetables and meat.  Thus making a vegetarian diet not the "designed diet". In fact, a vegetarian diet, over an extended period of time, can lead to mental illness by way of the missing nutrients found in red meat. Could this be the reason that many leftist are democrats, and true democrats exhibit mental illness? Just something to think about when traveling through life.
Lord Howard Hurts

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